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My name's Joseph! I'm 14 and I live in Michigan.

I've been writing stories ever since Kindergarten, and aspire to become an author in the upcoming years! I've had my works such as short stories in local and online newspapers, and hope that my next work will be a book.

I'm a very artistic person; my whole life is centered around the arts.

Oh yeah, and I'm a guy directioner too! :

NOTE: Disaster Road is currently put aside while I work on Love's Bind. Thanks for your understanding!

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    This is amazing! Can't wait to read more!
    A Year Without Johnny (Rewritten as novel)
    A Year Without Joh...
    Johnny Turner jumped of the highest building in town at midnight on New Year's Eve, just as the New Year approached. Hundreds saw him hit the ground and every single one of them wondered why he did it,...
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    mumbled "Hump Day - More Like Cancer Day"

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    Today is supposed to be hump day; a day where kids and teenagers mock the famous camel by yelling out "Hum daaay!". But in my case, hump day literally was cancer day.

    Me and my friends were just talking out at recess, when my best friend (Emily) busted out in tears. When we asked her why she was crying, she continued to tell us about how her mom has breast cancer.

    And another one of my friends came out and told us about how her sister has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

    And finally, my one good friend who has had cancer before, told me privately that her doctors found signs of blood cancer.

    Let's just say that the rest of my classes included me and my three other friends balling our eyes out. I know for sure it will be a rough road ahead for all of us, but we'll stick together through whatever obstacle lies in our way.
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    This is great!
    How do you cope living in the shadow of a brother who died before you? How do you fight for the love that he was given? This is the story of a boy trying to find a place in his family whilst living in...
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