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Hey! I'm a Directioner and I love reading and watching Youtube videos. That pretty much sums me up.

I have a book A Girl + A Boy = Love and I would appreciate it if you would go read that and leave a comment telling me what you think. If you like it I there is a sequel called A Girl + A Boy= Betrayal. If you read that, then thank you so much and it doesn't matter if you read any of my other books because they are all failures. XD

I appreciate the comments I get on my books so keep it up please! :) Stay beautiful and don't lose your gorgeous smile! <3

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    Radio Noise [bellamy]
    Radio Noise [bella...
    A hundred prisoners were sent down to the ground to see if earth was survivable. Two died when we entered the atmosphere. One joined before the dropship left. I was one of the 100. The...
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    Ha! This update was awesome!
    Cupid's Mistake
    Cupid's Mistake
    "Cupid made a mistake, he doesn't love me back..." Melissa Lowe has a hopeless crush on Victor Nash. They have know each other since kindergarten but they rarely talk. Victor is clueless about about...
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    Ah! This seems awesome! Update soon please!
    Neighbourhood [o.d]
    Neighbourhood [o.d...
    ❝What happens in the neighbourhood stays in the neighbourhood.❞ //© Copyright Qveendom 2015.All Rights Reserved.
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