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I'm so bored I want someone to talk to daily

por , Sexta-feira Setembro 23, 2016
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I want someone who writes stories and I can talk to

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  • 💕💕Heaven💕💕

    mumbled "I'm tired of this bullying I swear"

    This is the reason I left movellas in the first place, it's like I can't even write a book without being judged for it :/
    há 2 anos atrás
    Pls don't leave again
    há 2 anos atrás
    I love reading your stories, and I get really excited every time you update. Keep writing them and dont leave. Write for your supporters not the fake people who go online just to hate on everything.
    há 2 anos atrás
    I agree with everyone here we will stand by you.
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