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  • Future Ms. Payne
    My name is Nicole, can I have one with Liam and I would like it to be extremely dirty.
    Ok i know everyone is doing an imagine but i decided i want to do one too. So if you would like one with any boy just leave your name and a general description in the comments and i'll get right to work!
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    Could i get hair color, eye color, and stuff like that?
  • Future Ms. Payne
    I'm Nicole, the boy is Liam, age in book 20, and dirty
    1D Imagines
    1D Imagines
    Hey guys!! I will be doing a book full of 1D imagines :) You can request an imagine by commenting these things: 1. Name 2. Age you are or want to be in the imagine 3. Which boy you want 4....
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    Done. Hope you Enjoy

    Future Ms. Payne
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    Thank you
  • Future Ms. Payne
    My name is Nicole, the boys is Liam, age let's say im 19 but his 20, and situation dirty but cute PE teacher one. Thank you and I don't mind waiting
    One Direction Imagines**Closed to Requests**
    One Direction Imag...
    This book is all about One direction Imagines if you want one please say your name where you want it and what you want to happen you can cute ones or romantic ones please say what boy you want as well...
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    I'm guessing you're not really 19. Can I change the plot slightly, and make you 17 and he's this footballer in your school who is helping in your class? I'm not keen on doing something like that.
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