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  • ForeverMeNoOneElse

    mumbled "Project Bring Back Old Directioners"

    Dear fellow Directioners,
    Imagine a world where One Direction is no longer as famous as they are today. Well, soon and enough that world will be here if we (Directioners) don't stop what we are doing. The boys, their girlfriends, and their families are starting to hate us cause of what we've done. Some Directioners crashed Niall's brother's wedding and have been sending them hate. We have also not been breaking the vevo record anymore, haven't been voting for the boys as much anymore, and haven't sent the boys and their families and their girlfriends love as much so they see all the hateful messages from HATERS instead of love from US. Those things are so easy to do but instead some "so called Directioners" have been fighting with eachother over if the boys are gay (romances) or not (bromances), and have also been sending the boys hate and their girlfriends hate too. It hurts them when they're called gay and when their girlfriends get hate too. Overtime if it continues then this fandom will start to get so small that 1D won't be that famous anymore and will become a band that does have fans BUT the fans will no longer be able to break vevo records anymore. And given enough time, it will be no fans left. But we CAN still stop this from happening. This is: Project Bring Back Old Directioners.This project will not only fix things, it will cause the boys to be more popular than even and bring this fandom back to the top. We have to STOP fighting with eachother over if the boys are gay or not, STOP spending hate to everyone they care about, and STOP sending hate to EACHOTHER. By sending hate to the girls who get pulled up on stage durning concerts, the boys stopped doing it cause they didn't want us to send hate to eachother. We need to START requesting radio stations to play more of 1D's singles, START sending LOVE to the boys and everyone they care about (they will notice and appreciate it),START showing more respect to them and the ones they care about, START watching the boys' music videos more when they come out to break the vevo record which is over 20+ million views, START voting for the boys when they are nominated for an award, and most of all, START this project right away! I am Directioner who wants things to go back to how they use to be. Back in July of 2013, we set the vevo record so high when Best Song Ever came out. Then it was broken and by the time Midnight Memories (the single) came out was 1D's and Directioners' downfall started to happen. From there it has been falling apart more and more each day cause of everything we have been currently doing. We can stop this if we start this project right away. I know I am, but I can't do it alone. I need a lot of Directioners to help do this, it will fix everything if you help. So will you help? If you do, please tell everyone you know to read this, please screenshot this and post this every where. That way everyone will hear about Project Bring Back Old Directioners. - ForeverMeNoOneElse
  • ForeverMeNoOneElse

    mumbled "Should I post a new story?"

    What do you guys think?
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    you know I'm not sure bringing the one direction fandom to the top again is a good I idea do you have any idea how gross some of that stuff is? And I know they shouldn't be called gay because they are straight but being gay should not be an insult. just saying
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