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Not anything to say other then the fact I share this account with my cousin Emily

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    Hey lass and lads if theres any here... this is Lani! How are you all? Sorry I'm with Max and he won't get off me until I give El back her phone so chill, do whatever it is Directioners do and PARTY! Btw thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday the other day I had a great day :)
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    So its been a while since I've been on here, my cousin Emily has posted 2 stories and she's on here more than me so does anyone have any stories they want me to read?
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    Hm, I wouldn't mind if you looked through mine, just pick any that looks interesting ^^ Thanks in advance

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    Follow my best friend @[Horan4eva] She is brilliant and at stories read them comment and tell us what you think and we're ready changed so yeah follow Lani she's absolutely Brilliant
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    Omg! You fan me! I love u! U and Louis are really cute together! Can u follow me on twitter please? @ValenMalik_1D
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