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Books, anime, Owl City, Malec and the Phandom are the best things that ever happened to me

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    I have a question: Could this take place in a video game that doesn't actually exist? For example, it takes place in a game from a show? (I'm thinking of an anime that takes place IN a video game... would it be okay to write the story about that game, though it doesn't really exist?)
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    I'm pretty sure the Aldrin is looking for movellas based on existing video games although stories that are based on made-up games did seem like a good concept.
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    Hello group members! My name is Alex and I am your group admin! Sorry I haven't done much with this lately, I've been kinda busy! But I see we are slowly getting followers, yay! Please get your friends and writers you like to join this group and make an amazing fandom community!
    Alright, the reason for this is I wanna get to know you guys! Please leave a comment containing:
    *Favorite Fandom/s
    *If You Will Add Stories
    *Top Ship/s
    THANK YOU!!!!

    [Hello, my name is Alexandria, but everyone calls me Alex! My top fandoms are Mortal Instruments, Throne of Glass, Phandom, LOTS OF ANIME, and many of the popular fandoms of this day and age. I have added a few stories and will continue adding my fanfictions. My top ship *OTP* is Malec (Magnus Bane/ Alec Lightwood- The Mortal Instuments). Nice to meet you all! :) ]

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    Aww thanks bae!!!!!! <3
    Facts About Zodiacs: Pisces
    Facts About Zodiac...
    Facts about people who are Pisces. (Pisces are people born between February 19th to March 20th) I chose this one because my best friend, @CookieDough86 is a Pisces. Comment if you are a Pisces and spread...
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