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Sup guys! The name is cheshire cat-chan and I am I big fan of fanfiction!! Hope you all enjoy upcoming stories and I hope to get back on any comment and questions you have!! If you want to know alittle about me. I love anime and manga. Also I write many fanfictions and stories that come to mind. And i love nekos and especially the cheshire cat!!

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    I like your drawing of Ciel!! :3
    Fanart Drawings
    Fanart Drawings
    Hello! Well I'm just going to share my drawings with you :) some could be anime and others may be Youtubers but in anime art style,enjoy :)
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    Thank you sir
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    Guys I'm so sorry I was gone! :( I was busy but now I've gotten it under control and back to making and uploading stories for u people!! :3 please review on some stories id really like feed back! n if its not your thing its alright! XD but I'm glad to be back!
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    Hey guys I think I maybe making another crossed over story that u guys might enjoy! And I may be doing one of those stories going a plot of a song or incorporate a song in one of my stories and let you try and guys it. Tell me what you think :^3 <~~~~ Idk XD
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