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I'm Taylor :)
I love love love One Direction, 5SOS, Blink-182, The Pretty Reckless, The Neighbourhood, and Green Day!!!!!!!
I guess I should say a bit about myself. I play lots of sports! softball (for 11 years), basketball, volleyball, mountain biking, speed skating (short track not long track). I also love to sing and act! I get bullied a bit at school 'cause I'm loud… But it's fine. Because I love who I am c:

Twitter : @Tay_Rebiffe

I hope you like my stories!!!

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    could I have one?

    1. Here, We Call It Divergent
    2. <3<3TayTayHoran<3<3
    3. anything. I bet you'll make it great.
    4. anytime, no rush.
    The Superstore *OPEN*
    The Superstore *OP...
    *OPEN* This store has everything! Request a cover, background, banner, character name, review, profile picture, movie poster, or anything else! and I will get it done in 0-8 days. If you don't like how...
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    oh my god thanks so much
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    I love it
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    Yes that would be awesome!
    Us against the world
    Us against the wor...
    This is the sequel to 'Cyber Louis' check that out before you read. Rae and Louis have overcome a lot, but their happy ending is far from them. They will do everything in their power to find Reiss, but...
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    If she went to my school:
    A 86-100%
    B 73-85%
    C+ 67-72%
    C 60-66%
    C- 50-59%
    I incomplete
    F Below 50% by the end of the school year

    Sawyers marks would be:
    Art - B
    English - A
    Geometry - B
    World Studies - C
    Graphic Design - B
    History - C-
    I'm in Vancouver, Canada.
    Hated (A 1D fanfic)
    Hated (A 1D fanfic...
    Sawyer hates the thought of school simply because they are there. Yep, the thought of them gives her chills. Who am I talking about? The one and only Louis Tomlinson and his girlfriend Stacey Porter.
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    I want to go to a school like that!
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    mumbled "WHO'S READY FOR 1D DAY?????"

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    I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!! I'm literally just going to lie on my bed with my laptop waiting for it to start. What are you guys doing?
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    Haha same here XD
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