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Aloha and welcome to my movellas page!

You are reading the profile of the movellas fanbassador for One Direction and Justin Bieber! I am so excited to be fanbassador and if you need any help with anything let me know! I am here to help and will try my best to do what I can!

I hope you enjoy reading my movellas as I'm working to be the best writer I can possibly be.

Writing is a passion I once thought I'd never have, but now I find myself loving every moment of it - except writers block of course.

Who knows, you might be checking out a book with my name on it sometime in the future, we'll just see where this takes me.

If you're looking for me elsewhere:
Instagram: @tahreemers

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    mumbled "I've got an important question for you all"

    I'm kind of thinking that I should stop writing fanfiction and focus more on real writing, like actual book type of stories. I know i haven't updated my fics in months, I'll be free in february to do as much writing as I can. This semester has been the hardest and I don't have time for anything except work (not even enough time for that) but February will give me lots of time to myself so I can consecrate on the things I love.

    Let me know if you'd be interested in books or fanfiction pls!
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    Something interesting to read?

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    Helloooo, so if you don't know already I'm your fanbassador for the biebs, and I want some good movellas to read.

    - have good grammar (Honestly I cannot stand bad grammar in books)
    - NEW storyline, I've seen a couple that are extremely similar to each other. Be creative!
    -NON-FAMOUS Justin, it just seems more like a book then, because if you replaced Justin with a random name the story would still make sense, ya feel?

    Leave em in the comments guys! OH, and if you want something good to read, check out '365 days' by me!

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    My story is pretty good I think, although JB is famous in it. But not full blown famous. Its called New Girl.
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    My book, "BUBBLE", is a pretty good book. It is fairly new and is very different. I'm almost certain it's quite unique. Now the story is NOT about bubbles or a singular bubble, lol it is good though. Please go check out the description of the book before you decide. He IS famous in the book I must assure you. But my book does follow your other two requirements. Enjoy!
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    I need feedback, please check out my story, I don't think it familiar to any others
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    Vampire Contest!

    Hey guys! Theres the vampire movella writing contest going on right now! If you haven't, why don't you enter? You could make Justin a vampire, or have some girl he falls in love with a vampire? If you need help I'm here!
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    Battle of the fandoms

    Calling all directioners!
    If you haven't already, check out "Battle of the fandoms"

    The Battle of the Fandoms

    by Jordan Philips, Wednesday September 25, 2013
    A fan fiction competition to find the best fan fiction writers for each fandom. Also including One Direction Justin Bieber Bandoms Harry Potter Twiligh...
    Read more

    write the best fanfic you possibly can and help get the directioners to the top!

    Also, if you haven't already, check out my 1D fic, "They Don't Know About Us"
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    @[gamegirl ] click the link above, and then on the top right it says "Important Dates" (keep those in mind when you're writing btw) in the box there's a green button that says "join this competition" just click it and submit the movella of your choice! Good luck!
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    Vasi Marin
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    its nice ...
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