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Wass up?
(My thunder and my friends at school know that it is kinda a catch phrase for me)

I actually have an account on Fanfic and then came here, thanks to a friend of mine, who, you probably know or have read her stories, so check out my stories there, if you want.

I DO NOT UPDATE/POST (whatever you call it) REGULARLY. And i have a reason, one word:
So if i don't write in a long time, blame my teachers for giving me so much homework.

AND. I am currently writing three stories so be paiteint.
What i am currently writing (in priority):
How to survivie : Chapter 2
Half life : Chapter 2
And another story of fanficiton.
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  • AnnExiao
    há 7 anos atrásResponder
    Wow, this is GOLD! I LOVE it so much :D My fav one is the 15th chapter. So funny. but I gotta ask... what does it have to do with Naruto?
    há 7 anos atrás
    it doesn't, it just a fun book. i am writing a naruto fan fic though. it will be published after i have wrote the whole thing.
    há 7 anos atrás
    oh. awesome. I can't wait to read your naruto fanfic :D
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