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19 / brisbane / writer

I have currently finished my second year of university studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative and Professional Writing at QUT.

My novel 'The Coexistence' is my current project and will be my focus over the next year.

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    Hey guys! I'm sorry that some of you might have been waiting months for me to update TDoF but I go to uni and I've got a new job and I just needed to focus on that. BUT I've got a new story (not 1D) I'm ready to post to you all, which is a YA sci-fi / dystopian novel that I am working on for one of my university classes, and will be further working on it over the following year. So I might be giving the old fic a break at this point....

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    First of all, I love each and every one of you. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to update but I have not stopped studying. It's now the end of the semester and I am literally completely finished after tomorrow's exam (INTERNAL SCREAM OF JOY). I can't wait to keep writing and I'm sorry I've left you all demanding an update. xoxoox
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    Hello! Thank you sooo much for updating it was a great chapter hope you do well on the exam ! xx
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    Woo, The Direction of Fate is now featured on the new 1D Fan FIction app! I thought it was pretty cool that I got an email confirming it. So cute.
    Anyway, if you haven't read it already, please do! It would mean the world to me :)
    And thank you to you all who've read it, you guys are amazing! xoxoxo
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    Thank you so much to everyone who has read The Direction of Fate, it means so much to me! If you ever want to talk to me or ask questions, follow me on:
    Twitter: @Akiraahhh
    and Tumblr:
    Love you all! :) xoxoxo
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    I'm currently writing the next chapter of TDOF, but I'm not sure when it will be up. There's no way I'd EVER ditch this fic, so don't worry about that happening. Love you all xoxoox
    Dakota Verney
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    do you mind checking out and liking my new movella torn . i really liked you story so far btw (: XOXOX
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    You literally posted this on like 10 authors' stories um. You need to czechoslovakia before you wreckyoslovkia.