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Why, hello there! I don't quite know who you were expecting to meet on this fine webpage but I hope it wasn't Reyn or you will be very dissappointed. All jokes aside, welcome to the movellas page of the ever sarcastic Not-Reyn! Here you will find many a tale of fun, excitement and poor writing to keep you amused for a few seconds before you inevitably move on to a user with more talent, class and a better sense of humour than I could ever possibly hope to possess. I hope you enjoy your stay however brief it may be.


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    (cc chain thing sorry if this is bad)
    This is a really interesting start! The way you describe the locations is really good! I noticed a few typos so maybe read through it to find them and correct them if thats cool sorry.
    (i only just started writing and stuff so i cant really judge technique or anything, sorry. this is really good though!)
    Mars One
    Mars One
    "I start to practice in the small, white, square homes. They are 6 and half feet tall, and 12 feet in diameter. There is a love seat, closet, twin sized bed, a corner sink, a toilet-hole thing, a large...
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    mumbled "Hello!"

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    I joined this site a few days ago. If it's not too much trouble, would anyone mind leaving some feedback on either of my stories? I know there are things I can improve but knowing exactly what said things are would be a massive help. Sorry for the inconvenience! -★-
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    This is a really interesting setup! I love the idea that a metaphorical phrase is literal in the character's life! I am really looking forward to seeing how this will progress!
    my never ending complicated life
    my never ending...
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    I am so glad you like it! Thank you so much for all those kind words and I do hope you enjoy the rest of this story:)
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