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MGK as in Machine Gun Kelly, if you don't know now you know.

If you haven't noticed my obsession over Chuck Bass then.....YOU LATE

My excuse for kissing someone: I heard once that holding your breath can stop a panic attack so......
When I kissed you
You held your breath.

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    Hey guys it's me and I wanted to say go check out my watt pad it's the same user name (it's HarryStyles;) if you don't remember) anywho I wanted to say I've been more active on wattpad recently and no I'm not converting over to watt pad movellas is my home it will always be its where I got started and I will never forget that but if you could help me get more followers on it I'd be so thankful Thankyou xoxoxo
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    Hey y'all it's me HarryStyles;) lol the writer, I just wanted to say go check out my new book My Girl, it is a Harry styles fanfic so Thankyou oh and p.s I wanted to know if any of y'all still read my other books because I was thinking about taking them down.
    Thankyou all so much xoxoxoxo -HarryStyles;) (the writer)
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    I thought I was in love I found a guy I thought he was my everything he was everything i wanted he had the looks and the act I fell for him but he wasn't ere to catch me he let me fall. Today I went to school hand in hand with him it was perfect well I thought it was I left to go talk to my teacher but I forgot my phone where me and him were hanging out so I went back to see him with my best friend kissing repeatedly over and over my heart shattered then and there I broke down and they both finally noticed and my best friend came running up to me but I backed away sobbing with my hand on my mouth as I looked at her in disbelief my best friend of 6 years did this to me,me her and one of my other best friends Amy we were best friends for 6 years and she did this to me. I saw my other amy walk by and she immediately walked back looking at me with sorrowful eyes
    So let's call this backstabbing best friend of mine Carlie
    I'm sorry is what Carlie Said to me but she knew I loved him I went on and on about him but she did this to me my boyfriend came up and tried to say it wasn't what it looked like but I was well aware of what it was he hugged me as I tried to push him off of me , Amy had to step in and pull me away. I ran a couple of feet away before falling on the ground crying I know it's childish to cry over a boy but it was my best friend and remember this was at school everyone was watching
    Amy came to me and lifted me up and I cried onto her shoulder tears making her shirt very wet I saw Carlie and my boyfriend from a distance away bickering I tucked my hear in her neck and sobbed even more
    I went home then and then walking out of the gates
    Amy came home with me and comforted me I changed into my adidas sweatpants and a black shirt I put my hair in a messy bun. After I broke down even more and cried until I found of cry anymore I decided to do my makeup to make it look like I wasn't crying which was hard but I accomplished I went back to school
    When I got there people where telling how if I needed them they were there and how he was a jerk and didn't deserve me I felt better but I was still broken inside
    When I was walking home Brandon this kid I've had a crush on forever said hey um if you wanna hang out sometime that would be cool listen I just really like you do you maybe wanna go out with me ?
    I know what your thinking your gonna get you heart broke and then two minutes later date another guy well no.......
    Hey I'd love to hang out as friends but when I'm ready you'll know I said

    I know you probably don't care about me but I just need to get it out so.......
    Yours only
    CalumHood<3 (the author)
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    No problem love <3
    há 3 anos atrás
    I swear I forgot to comment but when I read it I started crying ears of joy it made my day I can never Thankyou enough for your words
    Bach Again
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    :) Glad it did, and I wish you an wonderfulmazing forever! <3
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