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"I was falling, deeper and deeper, until five hands reached out and pulled me back up.
When I felt those hands slipping, another four came and grabbed my other."

I crashed into the 1D fandom like a wrecking ball, then somehow stumbled into the 5sos fam and haven't been the same since ����

Without these nine idiots, I have no idea where I'd be. I'm not usually sentimental, but they've really helped me through a lot of hard stuff. They're everything to me.

FYI: Arianna Jordan is not my real name, just my pen name :)

-5SecondsOf1Direction-Thank you for sharing your story! I'm straight but have many friends in the LGBT community and I love them to bits. I understand your story and have actually heard of someone similar, there's a YouTuber called Gigi Gorgeous who is transgender, male to female, who recently also came out as lesbian. So please know you're not alone in the confusion; whoever you are, you are perfect and free to choose whatever you know you are. And please don't think that all Christians are against the LGBT people, I am one and my pastor completely accepts all and even has a separate group that he leads where he shows how God accepts and loves ALL people, no matter what.

Good luck with everything in your future, I support you 100% :)
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    Honestly, at least your crush knows! I could never tell my high school crush that I like him; he's absolutely gorgeous and waayyy out of my league. I'm terrified to even talk to him, let alone tell him. Plus I can't tell my friends, they just think he's a douche (excuse my French :)). I know this is kind of hypocritical of me to say, but just talk to Robby and explain yourself. You never know, maybe he likes you back!
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    Hay it took me awhile to man up and ask my girlfriend out. The first time we talked was in math and I was asking to sit next to her. And the ship name she found for us on the internet was anal... lmao
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    I'll try to talk to him. As for your boy go for it! if you can't do it have a friend help push you in the right direction. As you said you never know he might like you back.
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    mumbled "*Shameless self promo*"

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    Hi guys! I know this might seem annoying and a little pathetic but I would love for you to check out my fanfic "For the Dead!" It's a Divergent/Hunger Games crossover and I worked really hard on it! I'm also entering it into the Everything Fanfiction competition, so I'd really appreciate some feedback. Thanks so much! :D
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    No problem and if you have like instagram ill definitely be your friend on there!
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