The Sleepover Disater

5 girls
a huge sleepover
no parents
i mean what go wrong

Aella and her best friends are having a sleepover. Her parents are gone for two months and sadly her boyfriends SHOULD be at camp all summer. But what happens when family drama gets in the way? Even worse when something keeps killing the girls off one by one. One of these girls must find the killer and kill them before it to late

Author's note

Hello guys, this is my first book , but please tell me IF i need to fix anything. i will take all commons generously

2. It's not wrong

“Wasn't that fun girls?” I ask with a smile on my face? I turn around and they don’t even reply just give me faces of exhaustion so I turn back around. “ ok then, well since you guys like your about fall on the floor dead, I am just going to order pizza,” I say. “What type you guys want, it’s on meh.”.Ash and Ella say pepperoni. “Mushrooms,” says Maddie, “Ewwwww,” the rest of the girls say” you put that on pizza?” “ Yeah, why? Maddie replies confused. “ the rest of the girls just give her a look of disgust and drop the topic. “Echo,” I say. She doesn't even look up from her phone and I scowl “ECHO” I yell with a grin. Echo jumps with surprise with a face of guilt and says” what.”. “Well,” I say, “do you want a pizza or not.”.A

She waves her hand and says” oh, well in that case cheese please.”. “Ok, then I say, nothing else while I am out?” I say?” Nope, we are all good, they say while looking at each other.'' I grab my purse and my money and while walking about I hear them asking Echo” who was that you were texting?”?





I giggle nervously and play with my hair answering “ Just some guy u

I am talking to for now.” “Well what’s his name, give me all the juicy details,” says Ash with a face of excitement. “Well ...,” I trailed off and thought” do I really want to tell my… friends going out with Aella’s boyfriend.” “Well what,”, Maddie says? “Oh yeah sorry just trailed off there; his name Ryan.” I fiddled with my sleeve nervously hoping the lie would fool them. “Ryan is his middle name so, I should not have to worry about them knowing his whole name,” I thought still fiddling with my sleeve. “Ryan,” Maddie said simply, “that’s all, nothing else,” she pressured.  “Yep,” I replied, not too fast or otherwise they will think I am lying. “When did you become this girl, a friend who lies to her BFF’s and even her own sister,” a small voice in the back of my head reminded me. “Even since I met the one I love and cherish” I replied back fiercely and cut the voice off. “Echo,” my sister said with hurt in her eyes,” why did you not tell me”. I could almost hear the tears in her voice as she stared at me with her warm brown affectionate eyes waiting for an answer. “ I.. I….. jus...t wanted to tell you at the right time..,” looking across the room. Anger flashed in her eyes as she said “ WHEN were you going to tell me! Next year, 10 years, maybe when you get engaged,”. Ella’s voice got higher as more tears ran down her face” you think since you are the quiet one, you just… just get to ignore everybody and not even tell me something as good as this, TO EVEN YOUR OWN SISTER?????!!!!”! she yelled the last part and ran out the back crying. Ash and Maddie looked at me with disapproving glances” I..I,” I stuttered looking for the right words. Aella walked through the living holding boxes asking “what just happened.” 


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