Surviving Narvidian's Light Source (Book 2)

They had a plan. To destroy all the redivals. But the redivals got out of hand and the civilians were fighting against them. When His Highness left to protect everyone, the redivals only choice is to stop fighting till he returns and allow both him and his sister to both become the next rulers.

But where is His Highness? In a kingdom he didn't think he'd ever go to again. The Narvidia Light Kingdom. He has to take vials everyday, go into the forest every full moon, and deal with the two irritating people ever. The young dream-dweller Princess and her soon-to-be Knight. Her knight hates him. The Princess adores him. And he is still determined to defeat redivals, but this time in disguise and alone with out the people he cares for. Will he survive the harsh conditions and keep who he really is a secret?

Author's note

Book 1 here:

1. Last Time

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!  No light?  Are you crazy?  Are you insane?  How about a little?  I'll tell mom and I know you never refuse the Queen!" The extremely optimist, cheerful shrills of the young girl woke me again.



  It has been a month and 24 days and 6 hours, 17 minutes and 36 seconds.  Exactly sense I last seen her.  I was in a kingdom I never thought my feet would take me, but I was wrong.  The Light Narvidia Magic Kingdom.  The perfect thing for me is that no one socializes with me.  I suppose it is bad for me.  To be cooped up in a room, being locked away in a cage forever.  But I'm just waiting for something.  A sign, a notice, something.....from them.  I need to know what is going on....  Are we failing or succeeding, has the redivals done something loathsome, are they starting to change their ways and let us both be the heir to the throne?



  This room-well technically it is now my room- is supposedly the darkest room in this castle.  I have to use extra magic to make it suitable for me.  Get this, I have to use a luminescence orb.  I have to waste some of it.  That thing is precious to me....and especially since Nicilu gave it to me.  It fills the room with my kingdom's precious moon luminescence light.  I hope I can last a few years off this one orb.  If not....well I'm not going to think if not.  The orbs are rare.  Apparently before her brother became a knight, she and her brother would fight darkenders and redivals.  Then they took out several with their famous destructive moves.  But not only was there blood left behind, but orbs.  I remember her telling me there were orbs of different things.



  One orb was filled with darkness and could turn a single soul making them be filled with utter despair which could also turn their heart dark.  It could also represent the Venom Phantom kingdom.  Another shined bright as the deadly sun, it came from the Narvidia Magic Kingdom.  Others were pure blue moon luminescences.  Some were filled with elements.  More were filled with what seemed to be drinks, probably representing the Dizira Potion Kingdom.  If you listened closely to one, a lullaby flowed within it.  That represented the Siren-Songernia Kingdom.  Then there was a small silver orb that reminded her of herself.  She could see things in it.  She could not even now figure out what kingdom it was suppose to represent.  Neither could I.  But the last orb was oval.  It was blue and green.  It had almost landmarks on it.  Those two were the ones that remained mysteries, but we know one thing for sure.  The orbs have the secrets to the kingdoms and the redivals are where we get them.



The only irksome part of all of this besides being away from my precious twin is having to deal with the noise from the halls.  I mean darn are they loud and obnoxious.  Extremely early at 9 the princess's chattering fills the halls.  Sometimes she is complaining, sometimes she is being assisted with her knight- urgh he makes my gut shutter from his voice.  I still cannot forgive him for what he did to my sister.  My mother is probably enjoying her time with the Queen of this kingdom.  Sometimes I hear from her, but rarely.  And I decided every full moon in Esperon- scratch that every moon that is suppose to be full in Esperon- I will go out during twilight hours and go to the forest.  There my spell will flow along with my sister's.  Ever full moon we would always say a spell to ensure success.



There is also one last thing.  I'm tired of waiting around.  I need some action to be flowing.  Being here doing nothing makes me weak.  I should train with darkenders or maybe dig some redivals supplies out from under their nose's.  I need to keep being strong.  That is why I.....




"Wow look at this, wait this is a room?!  Who is-" Princess Kyiradelvia's voice arrived.  I've been noticed.




This is the prologue of the Second book in The Legendary Forest.  It takes place during the same time as The Sly Espereon.  This is mainly in Niderudion's Pov, while that book is mainly in Nivillerua's POV.  


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