Mating Season

I finally knew the truth. I was a werewolf. I was a descendant from a long line of Alphas. One of the first werewolves to let go of our savage ways and lead other werewolves in the same direction. My ancestors were the founders of the civilisation we know today.
Though, not all believe that they were saviours.
I was finally part of a pack. My grandfather's old pack. The Loucrious pack. Until my mother broke the line to take care of me and marry my father. The new Alpha, Shay had spent the past half year teaching me how to control my wolf and show me the wonders of this new world.
Until he dropped a bomb on New Year's Eve and warned me about what he called the Mating Season. He warned me that I soon wouldn't be able to stay away from him. That I would come to him, whatever that meant.
But I wasn't going to give up without a fight. He had marked me but that didn't mean that he owned me. Did it?

Author's note

Book 2 of 3

4. The Beginning

The next few weeks were weird. Shay hadn't spoken to me at all but he would always be waiting by the entrance. The feeling of the first day was growing stronger every day.

He would be surrounded by different people. But always that brown-haired boy. I was no longer in doubt that he was Shay's beta.

Today was different. Today Shay was surrounded by girls. I could smell it before I entered the doors. I couldn't and I wouldn't let it get to me. Shay could tease me as much as he wanted but I was not going down easy and this was just another trick of his.

"Are you alright?" Everly asked. I had stopped walking without noticing and I was blocking the stairs.

"Yeah, sorry, just got lost in my mind, " I smiled and continued walking. My heart was racing. Why was my heart racing? It couldn't be because of Shay, right?

I had been right about the girls. He was surrounded by them and lots of them. They were all over him, touching him, feeling him... What the hell was wrong with me? Why did it bother me?

And then it happened. The second I passed them, Shay's scent hit me like a hurricane. The mark started pulsating like crazy and this time it wasn't just the mark.

The sensation went through my body like lightning. A moan escaped my lips as the sensation hit between my legs.

I fell to my knees as it became too much. Everly ran to me for support. "Rieka! What's happening?" I covered the mark with my hand and she understood right away.

I was sweating and doing everything in my power to keep the feeling suppressed. "Let's go, Rieka," she whispered.

I opened my eyes and looked around. Every eye in the room was closed in on me. They all looked confused.

I was used to the looks, the eyes, because of my hair. It wasn't new, but this was uncomfortable. I could feel his eyes.

I couldn't help myself. I turned my head and he was just standing there with his arms crossed... And he was smiling. He knew exactly what was going on and he liked it.

Everly grabbed my arms and helped me up. I had to use her for support. My legs were shaking too much. "Is it bad, Rieka?" I nodded. I was afraid of saying anything in fear of it might being another moan.

"It must really be hitting you hard. I mean, it's only the beginning of February." What did she mean by that? Wasn't this normal?

She showed me into the girl's bathroom and helped me to one of the toilets so I could sit down. "What... What do you mean?" I asked. "You know... Most wolves first start feeling the connection around March, so it's quite early."

Shit. Was this thing going to get stronger? I could hardly keep it together now. And how did Shay stay so calm?

The bell rang. "Are you going to be alright on your own, Rieka? I can't miss another class." "Sure", I panted. She nodded and went out the door.

I rested my head against the wall. This was unbearable and Shay wasn't even near. The sensation between my legs was beginning to become unbearable... I needed to do something about it and there was no one else in the bathroom with me.

I took a deep breath and pulled down my pants. My panties were already soaking wet. My fingers touched my clit and my body exploded in colours. It didn't take long before I was on the edge of reaching my climax.

My fingers circled faster and faster until... The door opened. "I can smell your arousal, Rieka."

Fuck! It was Shay!

My body hated me for it put I quickly pulled up my pants and reached for the door but Shay was faster and ripped it open before I could even get a chance.

I backed up as far into the furthest corner of the stall. "Keep away from me, Shay!" He smiled. "Why would I keep away when I could help you. Make you feel better than you have ever felt before. I can see that you want to, " he teased and looked down to my unzipped pants. I hadn't had the time to zip them.

He stepped closer. "I mean it, Shay!" The mark started pounding again and he was so close that I could feel his breath on my forehead.

"You know that you want this, " he whispered into my ear. I put my hands on his muscular chest to stop him from coming any closer. It did the absolute opposite of the intention.

He grabbed the hand I had used to satisfy myself and put it up to his nose. He took in my scent and it seemed to arouse him. "Just give in, " he whispered again.

I had avoided eye contact ever since he entered the stall but I couldn't avoid it anymore.

The second I looked at him he went wild. He grabbed me by my ass, lifted me and pinned me to the wall.

He buried his face into my neck, right by the mark, and it made me go crazy. I felt his erect manhood grinding against my sex. I wanted him... I wanted him so badly but I couldn't let myself do this to Archer. I couldn't let my body be in control.

"No!" I burst out and tried to push him away. But he wouldn't budge. I was panting to keep myself under control. "Shay... Please stop..."

He slowly moved away from my neck and ran his lips along my jaw. He had pinned my hands to the wall so I wasn't able to push him away again.

He stopped by my ear and gave the ear lobe a light pinch with his teeth. It made me moan. "I'm not the kind of man that takes a woman without her consent so I will stop for now. This was just a taste of what is to come. And you better be ready soon, " he whispered. I could hear him panting as well as if he was trying to restrain himself.

"Cause I soon won't be able to hold myself back anymore."

He made eye contact one more time before he let me go and disappeared out of the door.

I let myself collapse on the floor to get my mind right again.

Was this really only the beginning? What the hell would happen as we came closer to spring?

And what about tomorrow? Tomorrow, I had to meet the rest of Archer's family. I had to meet the founder of the Hunters himself.

How could I do that after what had just happened? I had to tell Archer, didn't I?

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