Mating Season

I finally knew the truth. I was a werewolf. I was a descendant from a long line of Alphas. One of the first werewolves to let go of our savage ways and lead other werewolves in the same direction. My ancestors were the founders of the civilisation we know today.
Though, not all believe that they were saviours.
I was finally part of a pack. My grandfather's old pack. The Loucrious pack. Until my mother broke the line to take care of me and marry my father. The new Alpha, Shay had spent the past half year teaching me how to control my wolf and show me the wonders of this new world.
Until he dropped a bomb on New Year's Eve and warned me about what he called the Mating Season. He warned me that I soon wouldn't be able to stay away from him. That I would come to him, whatever that meant.
But I wasn't going to give up without a fight. He had marked me but that didn't mean that he owned me. Did it?

Author's note

Book 2 of 3

5. Marquardt

It was Friday and I had to meet Archer’s father. I had convinced Archer that I wasn’t ready to meet the founder yet.

He had reassured me that he was away for another meeting today and wouldn’t be back until Monday. So now I only had to deal with his father.

I had decided to walk today. It was a long walk and I would probably have been better off by bike but the long walk gave me time to think about every possible outcome. The good ones and the bad...

It hadn’t been easy to convince Archer to let me meet his father without the founder present. Not that I blamed him.

He didn’t know my complete story. He didn’t know that I was a Loucrious. I wanted him to know before I could officially be a part of the family. Before I met the founder.

Besides, if Archer could accept me and put aside my family background, I knew that he would do everything in his power to protect me from those who would have a problem... I hoped.

Usually, Archer would come and pick me up but hos father had asked him to stay for the morning. That he had a surprise for him.

None of us had any idea of what it could be about, but Archer had guessed that it would have to be related to hunting. His and his father’s relationship had always been mainly about hunting so it seemed reasonable.

For the last part of the walk, I decided to think about ways of approaching his father. Ways of introducing myself. It wasn’t as straight forward as I had hoped, cause everything seemed to sound ridiculous at the moment so I ended up deciding to wing it when the time came.

I rounded the last tree and I could finally see their house. My stomach started aching as I got closer. What if they didn’t like me at all?

I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. I assumed that it was Archer who called to ask me how far I was, so I didn’t answer. I was just about already there.

A new car was parked out front. I assumed it was his father’s or belonged to one of the other men that were with him in Europe. Though it looked really expensive.

I was finally at the front door, ready to meet Archer’s father. I gulped one last time to swallow all of my worries. Then I knocked.

The door slowly opened and I was standing face to face with a man I didn’t know. He couldn’t have been more than a couple of years older than me. Maybe 30 at the most. He looked like he had just entered the door as well. The jacket was still on and he was wearing only one shoe.

His hair was just as white as my own but it didn’t seem quite natural. It was pulled back in a man bun, exposing his face totally. He looked so much like Archer. Only a few features convinced me that I wasn’t standing in front of my boyfriend.

“Hello, ” I said without thinking. That must have been the dumbest ice-breaker ever. The man rested his elbow against the door frame and leaned towards me and exposed a necklace I seemed to recall go have seen before, but I couldn’t place where.

“Hello to you too. You must be Rieka,” he said with an uncomfortable smirk. He didn’t sound like Archer. His voice was deeper. I nodded to reply.

I caught Archer standing in the middle of the hallway. He was white as a ghost. What had happened?

“Oh, where are my manners? Come in, come in, ” the man said and stepped aside. I took a step inside and he closed the door behind me. He was still standing in the way for me to get to Archer.

Maybe he was a cousin? Archer never mentioned having a brother. Only a sister, whom I still had to be aware of.

The man took off his jacket, leaving a t-shirt that defined his well-trained body extremely detailed. I had to look away for a minute. I tried to circle around him to get to Archer but he was not stupid.

As soon as he had kicked off his other shoe, he stretched out an arm towards me.

“A proper greeting might be adequate for this situation.” I took his hand as I didn’t want to be rude. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Harvey Marquardt.” My stomach dropped to the ground.

I was standing face to face with the founder of Chasseur de Loups. I looked at Archer and gave him a stare. “Rieka, I tried to call you...” He started but Harvey let go of my hand and put an arm around Archer and ran his knuckles through Archer’s hair.

“Don’t blame it on the little guy, Rieka. I wanted to surprise him. He has always been like my little brother and I wanted to meet his girlfriend under normal circumstances. I arrived just 5 minutes before you,” he laughed. “When I heard that you were a wolf, I knew that I couldn’t let him know that I was coming.”

I couldn’t reply. I couldn’t talk at all. He was standing right there, the founder. The one that would have me killed if he knew who I really was. I was just standing there, frozen.

He noticed my tension and stepped towards me. I wanted to run but I couldn’t move. “Heeey, I’m not as bad as they say. I don’t kill everything that moves. I don’t judge people before I know them. Even if it’s a wolf,” he smiled. “Besides, even Cassandra the beast has had you approved. How could I not?"

"I can hear you, you jerk," I heard Cassandra shout from the room next door. "Oops," he mimed. "Besides, I love your hair. I've always wanted it like that if you haven't noticed. But I'm naturally blond, like your boyfriend here, so I had to cheat a little. Well, let's introduce you to the rest," he said.

He grabbed my waist and showed me into the living room where many new faces were waiting for me.

Harvey didn't seem so bad but I couldn't help but think that it was only a facade. Who was really hiding behind that smile?

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