A boy's life


33. Chapter 33 Pregnant 21/09/2019

Chapter 33 Pregnant

     OMG I felt sick Sam had just texted me a message saying she was late, indicating that she could be pregnant. Thinking back now to the last time we had sex, I had just returned to Italy from burying my grandma to find that Sam was leaving that day to catch a plane home. The sex before Sam left for the airport had been very aggressive and enjoyable. The problem was I couldn’t remember seeing Sam take her after sex pill. 

  “What’s wrong with you man?” Antonio asked when he served me my morning coffee.   I was a bit depressed as earlier that morning my Mum had phoned. Aunty Caroline had contacted her about Sam and me having a baby.

   “Her,” I replied pointing at the faded newspaper picture still pinned to the notice board, behind the bar.   Antonio smiled and to my surprise he said, “Yeah she certainly liked being in control.”  Fuck, I thought, what did he mean by that?

   Mum and I had words. She had suggested that I man up and marry Sam for the sake of the unborn baby.

   “No way.” I had declared, arguing that being married meant nothing, look what happened between her and dad. Thankfully I hadn’t blurted out that I was unsure the baby was mine anyway. That would have upset everyone. But truth be known, after talking with Antonio about what happened at the party while I was away in London, I could not be certain about anything. 


   I wasn’t please with Joe I didn’t like his attitude he was acting like a typical man he’d had his way with Sam and now he was stubbornly refusing to do the decent thing and marry the poor girl.

    Joe had augured that marriage meant nothing and had angrily said. “It hadn’t stopped Dad, had it from leaving us, so why should I do it?”  This really hurt and the problem was maybe he had a point, which wasn’t helpful. God, I thought what a mess. My mother must be turning in her grave for no way would she have tolerated Joe’s behaviour.  Still thankfully the share of the money and property she left Joe would help.      

   Unfortunately talking to Rob was no help, especially as he had pointed out that we were unwed and living together.  The problem came to a head when one of the houses I managed became vacant and Joe and Sam wanted to move in together. 


  I would love to get married but Joe didn’t want to commit himself. In fact, I couldn’t tell my mother but he had suggested as we were so young maybe we should not have the baby, instead we should wait until much later when we had finished our education.                           


   Thankfully Sam being pregnant stopped the debate between mum and dad as to which university I would be attending in September.  No way could I totally abandon Sam right now.  In any case it might be fun to live together again.

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