Dragon's Time

Mckenzie is not your average 16-year-old, nope. She is a Dragon Caller, or a Dragon Prince or Princess's adviser. But her dragon color doesn't have a prince or princess, so she is in charge of the Black Dragon people, a group that is disappearing fast.
She learned everything she knows from a Prince of a different color, specifically the Blue Dragon Prince, Baron. The Blue Dragon adviser, Leah, despises Mckenzie, all because of how close she is with Baron.
Leah will be the one to lead the Fall of Dragons, a hunt to destroy the Dragon Princes and Princesses and turn their people against them. All of this to make Baron choose her as the next Blue Dragon Princess.
But the Black Dragons are in need of a Princess, and the only one able to do it is Mckenzie. Not to mention, Baron cares for her, more than she knows. But maybe there is someone else.
Will Mckenzie become a Dragon Princess? Will the Dragons survive the hunt? Will Leah finally be defeated? Follow this Journey and Find out.

Author's note

Soon to be available on Wattpad!

6. An Encounter That would Change the Course of Our Future

There it was, just in front of us, the kingdom which no one knew of. Unlike most of the other Dragon Kingdoms, the Teal Kingdom was small, with only the main village and two other smaller villages. That was fine. It offered a place to hide for a bit. And restock our supplies, which were in need of help due to the non-stop eating some of the others do. 

But as I landed Bellabora in the town square, I was immediately bombarded with the locals. Of course, soon followed the Prince here. Isaiah, I believe. We all followed him back to the castle in silence, as the villagers all kinda cheered. I guess we were popular among them. I swear I had like twenty different types of flowers by the time we made it to the castle. 

Mind you, it wasn't a very big castle, in fact it was half the size of the Black Castle, so a lot of us had to share rooms. I was stuck with Claire, Bryleigh, Darla, and Alona. I mean, at least it wasn't any of the boys. Though, when we got to the room, I realized I wasn't just sharing the room, but the Bed too. Dear god, kill me now. Luckily it wasn't all five of us in one bed, cause there were two in there. But I kinda forced Bryleigh to sleep with Darla, while Claire Alona and I shared the other bed. Yeah, I don't think any of us actually got sleep. 

The next morning, Darla dragged me out of bed and into town to go look at the art shop in the main square. Of course, I was half asleep, and still in my PJs, which were shorts and a T-Shirt, and of course it was freezing outside. Even the store was cold. So, I am standing there shivering while Darla is going around and checking everything out. 

I feel something get placed on my shoulders. I turn to find that a large gray jacket had been put around me, and behind me was a young man, who I assume the jacket belonged too. He had shoulder-length dirty blonde hair and glasses. He had a very small smile on his face. 

"Don't need little ladies freezing around here. What are you doing out here looking like that anyway?"

" My friend dragged me out of bed to come here. Didn't even give me time to get dressed or anything."

"Alright then. You be careful around here, and don't freeze to death."

He turned to leave. I took the jacket off and called after him. "Hey! Don't forget your jacket!"

He turned his head to me. "Keep it! You need it more than  I do."

And with that, he left, as though he was never really there. I put my arms in the sleeves of the jacket and went to look for Darla. 

I found her by some painting of cats and cute things. 

"Darla. We really should get back, the others will be wondering where we are."

She turned to me. "Ugh. Fine. Wait, where did you get the jacket?"

"Some guy gave it to me. But that's not the point, Let's go." 

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