dancing with a stranger

I made fun of him when I first met him. He didn't even say two words to me. I met his mom but had no idea that was important. We weren't even friends. My friend had a crush on him, I had no idea why. He was just a stranger.


1. dancing with a stranger

He turned on his speaker and let me pick the music. I smiled my same old genuine sunshine smile and took his phone into my hand to select the song of my choice.


Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran


When I turned to face him, he wrapped his arm around my waist and I took his other hand into mine. Soon enough we were dancing around the living room in the presence of a dimmed light. Although we couldn't ignore my prominent clumsiness that caused us to stumble in awkward directions. It made him laugh. A good laugh. The lighting was perfect and so was the moment. He spun me, and my hair twirled with me. When I came back into him, our lips met. I wrapped my arms around his neck and when we pulled apart, our laughter filled the air. It was so calming, he was calming. My entire life all I’ve ever known is complications, drama, whirlwinds, and situations where I was forced to make so many decisions. Complicated decisions. With him there was no complications. And for the first time I didn’t want there to be. Did I miss the adrenaline from the complications… sure. But, when it came to the long run, the complications drained me. I felt the most myself in the chaos, but I wanted to learn to live without it. I wanted to learn to live with him. Engulfed in this fairytale reality. To think only months prior, he was only but a stranger. A stranger I barely knew by name. A stranger I would come to care about. A stranger I would argue with, and make up with. A stranger I would go on late night adventures with, a stranger that I would fight for their attention. A stranger I’d talk to on the phone until we both fell asleep. Here I was, after everything, after the shadowed curse of complications following me my entire un-normal life. Here I was, smiling the most genuine smile I’d had in months. Dancing with a stranger.


A stranger I turned out to love.


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