Wounded Dream

3 towers. Millions of teens. Trapped and willing to escape at midnight tonight.The Apprehsives, The Despondents and the Bidirectionals try to break free for their freedom into an unknown place. No doubt there will be blood, death, heartbreak and the unexpected....

*May contain strong language and Profanity*

Author's note

This story may be a work of fiction, but the writer has drawn upon real experiences. Most of the work written stems from an experience. Maybe the 'Towers' are real... but just not physical...

1. Shade, Joshua, Hunter.....



Three towers, millions of helpless teenagers- all planning to go on the run at midnight tonight. Its been a while since any speculation or talk of something this big had been spiralling around, any form of strain against the rules and regulations of staying captive in here would be punishable by death. But even death seemed more inviting than staying here for the rest of our lives. I'm an Apprehensive. So is Christian. And Peter. And Scarlet. And all the other hundreds of people that span across the ages of thirteen to nineteen. We are held in the lock-down 'Apprehension' tower. Twenty-four miles away stands the 'Tower Of Extremes', prison to over nine-hundred 'Bidirectionals' . Then, another Twenty-four miles south of both towers, is the 'Tower Of Despondency', home to the brimming population of over five-hundred thousand 'Despondents.' These are only estimated figures and are out of date. The population check is carried out every five years by the security of each Tower. It is not permitted for any member of any tower to be aware of the information about the other towers. But I'm Shade. I'm committed and determined. In just three hours, millions of teens will be pouring out the tower gates and running for freedom. Most will be killed on sight but for those who do make it- a bright future shines their way. Its something that I have influenced. A revolutionary idea that I have sparked. I've only been in this place for a few months, while others have been imprisoned for years. Everyday, the Security of each tower tells the masses of adolescents how we have 'fucked up our lives' and that is the reason why we are here. To learn a lesson. None of us have any idea what lays outside each of our Towers' gates, but we are willing to find out. Yes, there will be blood and tears and inevitable losses of lives, and I'm the one who started the idea, so I'm held responsible. But I am also responsible for those who might make it out alive. I'm responsible for their futures. I'm responsible for the run. Some argue saying that it was their choice to join me and that I hold no responsibility over any deaths or casualties carried out by the security when the majority get caught. They said it could happen to anyone, but they are just being nice and trying to ease off the pressure. Just four-months ago, I was a happy fifteen-year old girl who had a family and a best friend who I loved so much. Now I look across the room and meet Scarlet's eyes. A single tear drips down her cheek because she knows what I know. The odds for us both making it are not good. Scarlet's records at the 'Apprehension Tower' is one full of offences and backlashes that have been dealt with by the security. If there is anyone who they will be on the look for tonight, its her. I've lost myself in these few months, I can't lose Scarlet either. And in the first time in forever, what is actually going to happen in two-hours and fifty-three minutes hits me and I break out in an uncontrollable sheen of sweat.....


Fifty-three minutes. I could see fire in the tired eyes of all the Despondents around me. Eyes full of weariness, tears and trauma. In just fifty-three minutes all us Despondents will have the most exercise we have ever had, thanks to a fifteen-year old Apprehensive. She started the talk of our break free. Everyone could see a special spark in her. Something that us Despondents haven't seen in ages. The spark of hope. I've never met her, but the few Despondents that have said she has an air of determination and awe around her. It was quite chilling and exciting knowing that we had someone with such a spirited soul just twenty-four miles away from us, locked away in a tower just like the rest of us. I don't know how the Apprehensives or the Bidirectionals have it, but here, in the Tower Of Despondency, all of us are broken. Tonight will be the first time we work as a team. Usually, the only thing that united us are the things we have in common: we are lonely creatures, isolated and full of emptiness. We don't care if we live to see the light of another day or die in a troubled and restless sleep. Many of us have cuts and scars, bleeding from inside out. Blood isn't an unusual sight here in The Tower Of Despondency. Although our security are responsible for the wound inflicted on us, many of the Despondents have relied on self-punishment to keep their dead spirits alive. I sat in the corner of my cell. The label outside my cell door read 'Joshua and Tessa.' But its just Joshua here now. Tessa, my ex-roommate had moved out into her own cell a few months ago, saying that my presence had irritated her to the extent where she could no longer stand me. It was weird because I had never even looked in her direction. Either my eyes were too teary to let anyone see the state of me, or my body ached with the movement of something so simple of turning one's head. Tessa had 'earned' the key's to her new cell in mid-August. Its November now. I wonder what she's doing in there. She hasn't come out since she went in. Not for meals (but lets be real, hardly anyone comes out for any of the scraps handed out), not for 'socialising time'( where a room full of Despondents just sit and cry, or sleep, or yawn, or cry or cry or cry) and not even to use the toilet. Whatever she's doing, she's taking her time. No guards or security have visited her cell either. Well at least she doesn't have that to worry about.

My cell door opened with a bang and a thud. Two guards and one 'Securer' walked in.

'' You sure he aint been up to no funny business?'' asked one guard. He was one of a strong, muscular build and a clean shave. You could still see his skin's irritation dotted around his jawline and he stood with his hands on his belt. His figure was to the left of my cell door and he snarled at me when he noticed I was looking at him in the eye. He must have been insecure about that. His left eye was swelling up and puffy, surrounded by a patch of skin as dark as the heart of the Tower Of Despondency. The other guard, who I presume was a friend of his, also had a strong build, but not a strand of facial hair was seen on his pale face and neither was there a spot of irritated skin. Someone clearly needed grooming advice. The second guard also had a badge on his uniform. A star-shaped icon with a red letter 'A' in the centre- a bit like a sheriff's badge but slightly bigger, and held a tool, similar to a miniature wrecking ball, which I guess was to hit me with if I 'mucked up' during the check over.

'' Nope. This one's a good lad, but we cant trust no shitty Despondent no matter how angelic they look.'' Responded the Securer.

'Shitty'. That fits our description perfectly because that's pretty much how I've felt since I was knocked unconscious and woke up here three years ago. 

''This one looks a devil'' said 'puffy eye', most likely still irritated that I was staring at his unfortunate face.

'' Hmm, they are all devil at heart. Get em all checked up. Been talk somethin bad happenin soon. Master ordered us all check up every night before these assholes get the sleep they need, to ensure nothin unexpected happens... you know any of this crap goin around?'' The securer asked me.

I shook my head quickly.

'' Course he don't!'' Laughed 'Guard A', '' He's a Despondent. What you expect him to know?'' 

His voice oozed with confidence. Too much confidence. He must be new here- I haven't seen him around.

''True. Check him up then check up all Despondents on the first floor, after'' the seriousness in the Securer's voice put Guard A's smile at an instant halt. The securer walked out, slamming my cell door behind him and enveloping my small cell room in darkness once again. The only light that survived was the one shining through my tiny window above my head. I sat under it, crossed legged with my head in my hands as I studied the two shadowy figures in my room.

'' Up you get. You know the procedure. I wanna be in this stupid cell of yours as much as you want me here. Make this easy and quick will ya? No mucking up'' Ordered Puffy Eye.

I stood up slowly and walked towards them. Guard A kept watch on me for any 'sudden movements' as Puffy Eye felt every inch of my body for anything suspicious. The guards an security have been well alert this past week. I'm not sure how we are going to pull this off...


Some of us just couldn't keep our mouths shut about it. Talking constantly about the final break in less than thirty-minutes. Others were shaking so obviously that I'm surprised the Guards and Security didn't notice. Or they did notice but just classed it as another 'episode'. The rest of the Bidirectionals were fast asleep, trying to get enough rest before the mission operates into motion. Not that it helped. It is weird being in The Tower Of Extremes. There are times where we feel absolutely invincible and full of energy then we could be as 'down' as the Despondents. Apparently, each person was placed into their Tower based on their character and what they had in common, but the Tower Of Extremes has the lowest population for a reason. You only get placed here if you can't cope in the Tower Of Apprehension or The Tower Of Despondency. A Bidirectional has episodes of 'mania', when you go through this phase you are known as a Bidirectional 'manic', and then there is the 'despondent episode.' It is a derogatory term and extremely offensive for any Bidirectional or Despondent to say that they are having a 'Despondent episode', because then you have to be known as a 'Bidirectional despondent'. But you are not a Despondent. You are just a Bidirectional You're a mix. The security cannot stand anyone they cannot control and when you are a Bidirectional, you are practically unpredictable. The Apprehensives know what they are doing tonight, so do the Despondents but us, Bidirectionals, have split ourselves into three sectors for the mission. Those who are not suffering from an episode will carry out the bulk of the operation, the 'manics' will carry out the 'distraction' element of our Tower. We are not sure if the other Towers have decided to use a distraction mechanism, but us Bidirectionals have decided to use as much as we can offer. The apparent 'BD's' ( a more tolerant way of saying Bidirectional Despondents) will assist in carrying any important material. That is only if they have the energy to.

I ran into the dining hall, and sure enough the manics were making a hell lot of noise. Beautiful mosaics of out dated soup decorated the marble walls. The hall was not wide but stretched out into an incredible distance. It was 11:34. The clock hung itself lifelessly on top of the 'exit' door, which was at the opposite end of the hall. No guards or security will come at the hall. They wouldn't have the energy to control the manics. We may have the smallest ratio of teens to Guards and security than the other Towers, but we have the manics, which gives us the upper hand in getting as much Bidirectionals out alive as possible. The Despondents would try their best and most likely get at least half the numbers to escape- those who die would rather die anyway. The Despondents seem to love the idea of death. The Apprehensives will struggle though. It was unfair that this fact was true, since the girl who sparked this revolutionary idea was an Apprehensive herself. The Apprehensives are fierce fighters, but also have an uncanny sense that can allow them to detect danger or a threat. Sometimes it is just a false alarm, but whenever they feel it, they panic and can make foolish decisions. This is what has put the Apprehensives' odds at an all time low. It is not something they can control. The Tower Of Extremes also holds the densest  population of teens, it is a fact that no matter where you go in the Tower, you are never more than 7 feet away from a Bidirectional.That is because out Tower is much smaller compared to The Tower Of Apprehension and Despondency. We have power in strategy. I just hope the other two Towers have as much hope as we do.

A manic threw a paper airplane and laughed hysterically as it flew from her hand and next to my foot. I did not understand the humour of it, but brushed my black fringe from my eyes and picked it up. I glanced at the clock. 11:40. The other Towers must be getting prepared. We are twenty-four miles apart from each other, but only a dozen teens of each Tower had met up at a 'secret location', no doubt the 'girl' included. They all know how to get us out of here and where to hide out the Guards and Security. Even if every single teen from each Tower made it out alive, which is impossible, our ratio to the total number of Guards and Security would be a dangling One to every six. Yes, there would be a huge mass of teens if everyone from every tower escapes, but add up all the security and guards from all three towers, and we have a problem even with the back up of the entire population of Apprehensives and Despondents.

Quickly, I found a pen in the right pocket of my ripped black jeans and wrote on the paper airplane a note:

Get Everyone Ready. 20 mins from Freedom.


I threw it back at the girl who caught it with her left hand and she whooped in joy. Then she read it and threw it across the room. It took about 5 minutes for the airplane to reach everyone's eyes. As soon as someone read it, they ran out the dining hall. They knew what time it was. I don't know where they went, because I was too busy doing my sector: carrying out the main bulk of the operation for The Tower Of Extremes.....

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