Set in Stone

Long ago, a great kingdom lost a king. They now are ruled under no one and there is not a single soul that has the right to become the next ruler. As a test, the king's sword was placed into a boulder and only the true ruler can pull it from its stone prison. Years after past and there is still no ruler and the kingdom is falling apart, as no heir has taken the sword, they are in preparation for a challenge in hopes of crowning a new line to the throne.


18. Legends are made

Frisk walked back to the castle, Sans’s body within his arms. Frisk didn’t allow anyone else to carry their friend back, once back a man was waiting by the gate. Frisk was on the offense and walked up to the man.

“Leave now,” Frisk ordered.

“Frisk, the spell that was on me, it wore off,” the man said confused slightly.

“Papyrus?” Frisk asked looking at the man and imagining their feathered friend in front of them.

Papyrus’s attention then went to Frisk’s arms and saw Sans’s body, he took a step back from the sight and tears were welling up in his eyes.

“Sans, he’s…he’s,” Papyrus stutter trying to find the courage to say the word.

“Dead,” Frisk said. “Someone murdered him, he managed to kill Chara. Someone else shot him with an arrow.”

“He can’t die!” Papyrus cried out. “He isn’t supposed to die!”

“We’re going to find the person that did this to him,” Frisk said lowly. “I will personally make them pay for doing this to him.”

“Before we begin our search let’s take him to a special place,” Papyrus said gently guiding Frisk.

The two walked to a Cliffside with a tree, it was a little bit away from the castle.

“Place him here,” Papyrus said bending down to the base of the tree.

Frisk placed Sans’s body down against the tree, Papyrus helped a little bit to get the fallen wizard in a natural position. Soon enough a blue light surrounded the wizard, the tree surrounded the wizards and woven a wooden figure from the wood of the tree.

“There, now he will be remembered forever,” Papyrus said.

“One last thing,” Frisk said removing his sword from its sheath.

Frisk placed the sword into the ground at Sans’s feet.

“He deserves this sword more than me,” Frisk said. “He sacrificed his life for everyone around here.”

“He’ll return one day and when he does, he’ll help the next generation into a great future,” Papyrus said.

“I hope so,” Frisk said.


“After that the legend of the king of all England managed to find the person that was responsible for killing his trusted friend,” a teacher said to a class of young children outside near a castle. “But again this is just a legend and it is said that the sword at the base of this wooden statue is the legendary sword of the king. Some say that the sword glows with magic at night, but this is just a legend.”

The children look at the wooden statue as well as the sword, one of the children reached out to touch the sword.

“Gray, do not touch,” the teacher reprimanded the child.

“Sorry ma’am,” the child said pulling his hand back. “Didn’t mean to.”

“Gray, this is a lesson in the local legend of the King,” the teacher said.

“I understand,” Gray said lowering his head.

“Let’s move on class,” the teacher said walking away.

The class went with her, but Gray stayed back he felt as though something was telling him to pull the sword. Gray grabbed the hilt of the sword and gave it a tug, it was sudden and happened too fast for the child. Gray’s wrist was grabbed by the statue and he was staring in the eyes a skeleton, but the skeleton released the child. The skeleton quickly held onto his side and groaned in pain, Gray didn’t wait to see what this skeleton was going to be capable of.

“TEACHER!” Gray called out running to the teacher.

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