Boarding School - English Version

Have you imagined how was the famous Lizzy Grant at the boarding school? Have you ever imagined how the characters of Riverdale would be in a boarding school? If you didn't, now you gonna have a taste of it. Why not join all these characters together and see what happens?


20. A Night To Remember

Last Saturday at 11:55 p.m.

Denise, Patricia, Midge, Chuck, Tyler, and Moose left the bowling club shortly before it was closed. They went to a park that was close by. Moose and Chuck used fake ID cards to buy drinks. They were already accustomed to doing this and for being tall, no one suspected that they were not more than 17 years old.

They shared the drinks with the girls and with Tyler who drank as if there was no tomorrow. Moose had also gotten some Jingle Jangle. Everyone accepted the drug except for Denise and Patricia who stayed just in the drinks, but they didn't drink much and when they returned to school they were sober, unlike the rest of the group who couldn't contain their laughter, even more, when it was time to jump over the wall when Tyler was so drunk and stoned that when he got through the wall, eventually fell. Everyone had to put their hands in their mouths to muffle the sound of laughter.

Midge said goodbye to Moose with a long kiss which made Tyler and Chuck mock the two making a kissing noise with their lips and laughing at it. Soon the boys separated from the girls and each one followed their way to their rooms.

Midge arrived in her room and thanked God for not finding Toni there. Sometimes their romance irritated her, she simply threw herself into bed and blacked out.

Chuck and Moose slept in the same room. After a few laughs, they also fell asleep.

As soon as Patricia and Denise came to the room. Patricia went to take a shower and Denise said that she was hungry and that she would look for something to eat. Since Patricia's bath didn't take long, she soon went to bed and didn't see her friend return.

Denise came into the dining room, which was dark and silent. It was the perfect setting for a ghost to appear and scare her, which didn't happen. She picked up an apple and ate it by listening to the sound of her teeth crunching the fruit.

Tyler was going to his room, but before he got there he turned around. He was so screwed up that maybe he had no idea what he was doing. Just let his feet guide him. Lizzy's scene with the teacher still upset him and wished she was with him and not with that old teacher.

Denise finished eating her apple quietly and left the cafeteria. She was going back to her bedroom, passing the deserted corridors of the school when someone grabbed her and she almost screamed until she saw who it was.

- Tyler? What are you doing here?

- Shhh. - he said, putting his index finger to his lips in silence.

He didn't want Denise, he wanted Lizzy. He wanted it to be Lizzy who had come across him in the dark hallway. But he tried to forget her with Denise. That's what he's been trying all this time. Then he kissed her.

- I don't think we said goodbye properly. - Tyler murmured.

Denise smiled. She liked him, not to mention that he was very handsome and she could feel his muscles as he pressed her against his body. How can a girl resist it?

They both saw the storeroom door and entered.

Tyler kissed Denise's neck and ran his hands beneath her blouse. Denise felt shivers go through her body and she didn't want him to stop. Then she felt Tyler's hands run beneath her skirt. Touching her. She kissed his lips with desire. Everything seemed to be running at an unusual speed. It was dark and she could barely see anything but Tyler's bright blue eyes. Soon she felt Tyler's hand run through her panties and she felt him penetrate her. Denise was about to scream, but Tyler covered her mouth. Making Denise's head be thrown back several times with the moves. Denise felt something hit in her head and she had no idea what it was. There were too many sensations to worry about. The place was tight and Tyler was euphoric about the drug. He didn't notice when Denise banged her head on something pointed. He continued until he reached his climax. Denise no longer had any reaction. The pointed object had pierced her head and she hadn't had the opportunity to scream, because Tyler had covered her mouth and even though she screamed he wouldn't suspect anything. He kissed her and left the storeroom leaving her.

Tyler went back to his room that was empty. But he barely noticed anything just fell awkwardly on the bed and slept for hours.

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