A girl wakes in a prison cell with no memory of how she got in there or who she is. All she has is a dream of a woman who she hates. She hears a voice through the wall which gives her hope of escaping one day soon.


1. Chapter 1

There she is, my arch nemesis Karen Hardy standing at least twenty feet in front of me. She holds a gun in one hand and a radio in the other. Her minions surround me from all angles. Behind the trees, in the trees and above in helicopters. It was a huge mistake running into this open field. It was a huge mistake running into this open field..




A searing pain in my back interrupts my dream.


Uhhh” I moan writhing in pain trying to get comfortable. This rock hard bed doesn’t help at all. I open my eyes and take in the scenery around. A wall on my right, on the left a set of bars and people in uniform with badges staring in on me. After a few moments of squirming around I finally get comfortable on my left side facing the bars. The guards watching me with their hawk eyes, watching every move I make. They sit on comfortable seats against some railings, a desk in front with laptops to do their work and plates of food and drink set out for them.


Well look at this, four days later little Sky Logan finally wakes up” a red haired guard says walking over to the bars and peers in on me.


That’s not her name any more Jo, its inmate. Inmate 10466” a brunette guard says smiling and comes to join the red head.


Oh yeah, that’s right, she finally got caught by the police. Time to rot in prison now kid” they both laugh and walk away. I know two things for now. My name is Sky Logan and I am in prison.

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