Maybe I Like You

Daniel is short-tempered, stubborn and foul mouthed. Harvey's cocky, flirty and has an ego almost as big as his mouth. But maybe, just maybe, they like each other enough to get past each other's insufferable quirks.

*swearing will occur in most chapters*


1. She's not your type

She's not your type

Daniel had already accepted the fact that he'd fail his year far before the term had begun, deciding that he'd rather not waste his precious time by putting effort into his work. During the summer he was hoping for some kind of epiphany but, unfortunately, the only thing he'd realised was that the number of chips he could fit in his mouth was more than he had expected. He sighed quietly to himself, watching his warm breath entwine with the chilly air to form thin white wisps, disappearing as quickly as they had come as he leant on the deep red bus stop post which was just as cold - if not colder - than the air surrounding him.

Otley was a rather plain, quiet place to live; the same old yellow bus with the odd paint chips going on the same old winding road with the small pothole that was near the roundabout. The same pretty freckled girl with the mousy-brown hair slumped over a table at the bar every Friday night like it was a routine, arm dangling in mid-air after she's had far too many drinks and passed out. Same old, same old, and yet Daniel seemed to be the only one who disliked it. Daniel, of course, was very vocal about this distaste at home: "Young blood," sighed his mother as she tucked a loose piece of dirty blonde hair behind his ear, "it just can't be tamed." This was usually the time at which Daniel would groan, telling his mother that wasn't the point before giving her a quick peck on the cheek and dismissing his mother's order's to be 'back by 6 o'clock, sharp', slinging his backpack over his shoulder and heading out. This had not failed to occur this morning too. Daniel knew he would most definitely not be home by 6 o'clock, but he also knew that his mother trusted him to be back by 9, so it was good enough for him. Daniel smiled a little at the thought of his mother at home, putting away the dishes angrily as she muttered to herself about not knowing 'what to do with this boy'. He'd gotten his short temper from her, as well as his impulsiveness. 

Daniel was pulled out of his thoughts rather abruptly as he was given a friendly slap on his back that caused him to stumble forward and almost run into the bus stop post he'd previously been leaning on, before turning around to face a well-known, shit-eating grin. "Hey, Danny! How was your summer?" asked Hyun, pulling Daniel into a suffocating hug before he had a chance to answer. Daniel patted him awkwardly on the back a couple of times before wriggling away from the inhumanly built, rugby player arms. "Got any birds to tell me about, eh?" Hyun wiggled his eyebrows comically and nudged Daniel playfully, making a grin stretch across his face slowly.

Daniel flicked him on the forehead," Sorry, Hyun, nothing for you to gossip about for today."

"Well, it's not your fault if all the girls in this town are throwing themselves at me." Hyun sighed dramatically, "It's okay Danny, there's more fish in the sea." Daniel rolled his eyes, still smiling as the bus slowed to a halt in front of them both, the gradually fading school logo of Prince Henry's Grammar School staring at them. They greeted the driver in turn with a quiet "Morning." before taking their usual seats at the back of the bus, unspokenly reserved for seniors. Daniel slid into the seat by the window as Hyun fell unceremoniously into the one next to him.

After fumbling in his pocket for a moment, Daniel pulled out his phone and earphones triumphantly. He ran his index finger along the cracks of the screen before opening a text 'Showing new kid around, tell Heeling I'll be late' from Alex. Daniel groaned, earning a raised eyebrow from Hyun. He tossed his phone into Hyun's lap and heard a snigger as the message was read. "Fresh meat?" he grinned, handing the phone back.

"Sorry Hyun, I'm probably more her type than you are," Daniel smirked, knowing exactly what Hyun was thinking.

Hyun leant back again, closing his eyes as a smile appeared on his face,"Sod off Danny, maybe she's not your type." Daniel held an earphone out to Hyun as he continued,"Besides, you're the one that has Heeling as their form tutor this year, so you're fucked." The smirk on Daniel's face returned to its default frown as he pictured Mrs Heeling glowering at him with those dark, sunken in eyes above a hooked nose and skinny neck, wagging a vulture-like claw at him as she shrieked about what an outrage having late students was, especially on the first day of the school year. He shuddered before gazing out of the window, losing himself in his thoughts as fields dotted with bright yellow flowers ran by and blankets of scarlet and gold lay on the paths next to him.


A/N: Sorry about such a short chapter, and feel free to correct any spelling/grammar mistakes you spot. Feedback is much appreciated :)


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