The Meilone

You have been invited to the Meilone! We ask you to leave your lives behind and let our lovely resort engulf you in its walls of luxury! But watch out! If you aren't careful you might not ever want to leave!


2. The husband

 "Help me! He beat me! Help me!" Screamed Tracy pushing through the doors to the police station. It looked like she had lost a lot more weight and her dirty oversized clothes didn't help conceal the fact. The one thing that was the same was her short greasy brown hair was still in a medium high ponytail. 

"Why are you back here Tracy? We have told you that you need to stay away from him. We can't help you if you don't want to help yourself" said Donald Oster glad that there was only anger in his voice. Last time she had come into the station he had wasted hours on her. He didn't plan to do the same today, he was done pitying her.

"He stole my meds and raped me! I swear it!" Yelled Tracy dramatically loud, showing a lot of already rotten teeth.

"Tracy, the judge said to stay away from him.  He has a restraining order on you, do you get that? There is nothing that we can do but arrest you for going over there” said Donald in a loud whisper in the hopes that Tracy will learn by example. Tracy kepted going back to her abusive ex that wants nothing to do with her. He was smart enough to get that written down in court. It was always another story as to why she was there trying to get into his apartment. Donald  knew that the guy had to be taking advantage of the situation but what could he  illegally do about it? Nothing, everytime Tracy came in here it would always end the same way. Her walking back out of this station to find somewhere else to get her drugs. 

He needed a vacation and maybe a good long night with a beautiful woman. But that would never happen, his wife was probably at home now, getting ready to sit down after a two hour work day. You would think with all the down time she gets she would have enough energy for at least a handy once in a while. But at the age of 43, with a little gut, and a 11 years of marriage under the belt, what is there to be attractive to? She was probably sleeping with someone else on her work trips, which were every month for two weeks. We didn’t love each other anymore but we already planned are retirement so was it really worth it to mess it all up? We get along very well, she is my best friend but stopped being my lover a long time ago.

“Why isn’t anyone listening to me?!” Tracy screamed pushing her hands into her pockets and pulling out a knife putting it to her wrists. “Is this what you want?! It’s what he wants! I’ll give it to him!” She started cutting her wrists and blood quickly rolling down her wrist.

“Tracy put down the knife or I have to tase you!” Donald screamed already up from his chair with his taser in his hand.

“I’m sorry, I’ll behave” Tracy said while laughing a little like it was all a little joke to cheer everyone up.

“We have to take you to the hospital now” Mike said a new officer on the force that they decided to stick in the station for just these reasons. He had her and was already walking her out the door.

At least it will not be me stuck with that mess anymore I thought to myself while looking at the floor to retrieve the knife. There was blood on the floor right next to the knife that she used to cut herself. Grabbing a handful of the newspaper on the bench, grabbed the knife with it and threw it in the trash can right next to the bench. Hearing a crinkling of paper I looked down and realized that an ad came loose from the newspaper.

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