A Clown For A Princess

Who would of known 2000 balloons, 2 angry cows, and a jello filled pool could make Sophia Clark and class clown Colton meet.

He is the Jokester of the class, a popular of the school. The one who isn't supposed to like anyone outside of his friend group.

She is the girl who has been invisible all her life until, junior year. Can a newbie to the A List life possibly fit into the popular ways and become on the class princess's

Can this clown fall for a princess of the school.


1. Story Info

Every school has their poplar's. A Queen and a King to lead, a hot jock who everyone swoons over, the fashionista who has everyone's dream closet, the Class Clown who never dates anyone since he seems to be above everyone else's title and the model every girl wishes they could be.

All of whom are leaders of their own section of the school, they are the prince's and princesses that only the few can be apart of.

Sofia Clark has always been a keep to herself kind of girl, never quite fit in or out. Her parent's are unbearably wealthy and spoil her and her brother to the max. With College rolling around the corner her only plans are keeping her grades up and getting a scholarship to the school of her dreams. But to get that scholarship she must get volunteer work to put on her application.

The library on 20th street, a dying business is exactly where she spends those hours working toward her scholarship. When a Class Clown from the grade above her gets into some deep trouble and must complete community service to pay for his wrong doing, she must mentor him through those couple of months.

Is this Sofia's opportunity into the Top List of the school?

Is this clown as rude and snobby as everyone says he is?

Maybe junior year will be a little bit more exciting than planned for Sofia.



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