Songbook/quote book/metaphor book

Songs written by me

Song lyrics parody also written by me

®™ Fantasygirl1 © so please don't take anything


1. Knight in shining armor

Up I'm in the sky I will wait for you so please come back to me

And my castle in the sky!

I love you so much and I don't want to let you go

I know you need to fight and protect the kingdom day and night fighting

Dragons with the other knights

But I miss you in my dreams I all ways miss you bye by my side

Your my knight in shining armor so please stay with me for one night

All I have is my teddy bear at night but I want you by my side

All you do it's give me a kiss good night than you leave with the other knights

Saying you will be back soon my knight in shining armor I cry my self to sleep

Knowing that you will be all right I tell my self not to worry that you will safe

from harm but I'm all way worry for my knight in shining armor because I love

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