The missing queen

In Stormwind kingdom their was a king who was beloved by his kingdom. As he grew old he would hand to he's crown and Stormwind to he's oldest daughter Irene. younger sister Alyda had become jealous and confused why she can't be crowned. Alyda had want the stormwind to her self but Irene had tried to reason with her but Alyda ignore her by her jealouse and had become a monster Alyda had challenge Irene for the kingdom but she refused. Irene had deffeted her and banished her to the a relam where no one can find her one day when Irene Had married to a man she had fall in love. Year's later Irene had a daughter hire to Stormwind. The day she was borne was when the baby went missing and stormwind was broken. Their is a prophecy that one day the missing queen well rise a kingdom and take back the crown of Stormwind. Later a girl name Saphira with dragon magic and healing magic is on a quest to find the missing queen on her quest she goes facing thing's you'll never see and meets new friends.


1. Banished

In Stormwind a kingdom who is ruled by a king who was very much beloved by his subjects. The king rules the biggest kingdom in Oyeobrihan. The king has two daughters The oldest Irene who was beautiful and had black hair smooth and have been trained to fight in battles with her silver armor light as a feather and know the upper armor can spread wings white as doves and her great sword.It is said that it only can kill the people who had done something wrong and glow when a monster is near by. She also have magic that can heal any wound and diseases and magic so powerful like and aasimir. The youngest Alyda white hair as bright like the moon shining on a lake and has armor thick like dragon scales and a scythe made of bones from the demons had been killed and the leather was made by undead creatures. It is said one scratch from it it well kill you in a min or curse you tell live for ever to see your love one's die. Alyda was beautiful who's heart was full of hatred and pain. Has magic that a warlock has and can trick people to do horrible thing's on earth. Alyda had been trained with Irene and had won battles together. Alyda had trained with Irene ever since she could even remember. Irene all ways beats Alyda and Irene promised Alyda that one day she could beat her. As the king grew old he had decided when he die he well pass down his kingdom to Irene but as said Alyda wanted the kingdom to herself. On the day when the king had passed a way was the day Irene had become queen. Alyda had gotten more jealous and hate had filled her heart more. Alyda had made a deal with Stormwind's greatest enemy. His name was Semerus king of demons. He would grant Alyda dark magic to kill Irene for the kingdom. If Alyda well be his bride Alyda had excepted the proposal. Later she had fallen in love with him but Semerus did not. Years had past when Alyda had returned to Stormwind. As Alyda opened the big doors to the castle which where they haved been raised as Alyda walked in she faced forward to Irene who was cover in her armor and has her great sword behind her back hanging in a scabbard where she was talking to one of the guards covered in heavy armor and the crest of the elder dragon for Stormwind on his chest and a dragon born covered in robes blue and gold has a side bag for his books and his studies and was from a powerful mage guild. Irene turned and was happy to see Alyda "A-a-Alyda is that you where have you been i have been searching for you?" With exciment and joy. Irene walked up Alyda suddenly she noticed Alyda grabbed her scythe Irene doged it and fell backed words. As Irene suddenly grabbed her great sword and ready for Alyda's next move. "Irene what a surprise I thought that would have killed you" with an evil smirk "I'll tell you what challenge you Irene for the kingdom and for the crown". Irene had refused "No, Their is no way i can let that happen why are you acting like this this isn't you"? Irene had thought their is no other choice then defeating her. Alyda had  looked hat her and knew Irene accepted it "It starts at the temple of ruins when the moon is full tonight". Before Irene could blink Alyda was gone. Later At the temple of ruins Alyda had been their waiting sharping the blade. Coverd in her armor as she was sharpening she could hear nosies she smiled "I know your their Irene just come out and let me kill you quick" Before Alyda had noticed Irene had tried to lung at Alyda with her sword. Alyda had blocked it with her scythe as forced with Irene trying to push her sword in and Alyda force to push it back. Later Alyda had pushed her back and laughed "This is going to be fun" .The fight had lasted all night as soon Alyda had grabbed her scythe to lash to Irene's chest to see her blood rushing out and Irene choking in her own blood. Before Irene could blink a gust of blue force ball hit Alyda and had her flying in the air and crumble to the ground. Irene looked forward she could see Alyda gasping for air and soon she was about to look behind her a hand grabbed her arm to help to get up it was her great freind the powerful wizard. His name was Vakius. Vakius was one of the most powerful wizard that had inherited his fathers gift. Vakius walked up to Alyda which was still on the fool screaming in pain in her stomach Vakius had said word's that had sound familiar to her. Alyda had screamed in more pain then ever and stopped. As she tried to get up she had stumbled and fell to her knees grabbing her stomach and grunting felt pain in her lower stomach and looked at Irene " I hate you i promised i'll be back for revenge and the kingdom well be mi-" As soon she was about to finish the ground shook and had got worse a portal on the ground of a different world of demons and enemies had been banned. Vakius had pushed her in Alyda had fell in. The portal closed and the ground stopped shacking. As Vakius stood their in confused he could have not done that instead as he tried to figure it out. Vakius had turned in a flash to see Irene Cry in pain of her sister's lost. Vakius walked up to her and asked "Did you open the portal Irene" Irene nodded as she whisper softly and hard to tell what she said " I should have helped her, there most have been another way". As Irene looked up at Vakius. Tears had poured down her checks and eyes covered in red and left eye bruised from Alyda punched her and forehead covered by her blood and her black hair had undone from a braid and chest plate been scratched and her right shoulder blade is missing and right arm covered in blood and sweat her garnet was steel their. Irene sword was two feet from her right. Vakius had hugged her " Their was nothing you could have done you did the right thing" In he's accent. "What did you do to her" Irene asked in a breaking sound and creid when she asked her. "It dosent matter you need rest" Irene had pushed him back and yelled with a demand " Dang it Vakiu what did you do to her why did she scream in pain I have the right to know what the heck is going on?" Her face red and tear's still coming down and eyes with pain. Vakiu sighed and looked away and thinking if he should tell her or slap her. " I knew what your sister was up to so I have cursed her to never have children". Irene looked at him with confession and tears still pouring down her face. "What was she up to?" Irene asked calmly Vakinus looked at her " Alyda had made a deal with Semerus are greatest enemy to be his bride but really he was using her to have a son to take stormwind and destroy Oyeobrihan". Irene looked away and tried to stand up she sttuerd as Vakinus helped her to get back to rest and get cured. As the way back something heavy sound like armor it had came it was the genral of stormwind who was in love with Irene and Irene was in love with him. As he saw Vakinus helping Irene walk back to Stormwind he ran to her "She's okay just need medicine and lot's of rest Rhodrolth" Rhodrolth picked her up and looked at Vakinus  "Thank you". Rhodrolth turned and wings like a dragon he was a weredragon. His wings had spread and had flew to stormwind. 


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