Avatars: The Rogue Fire Bender

As a bender Adena was rare. Not only that but her elements are rare. No one except the avatar has had more than one element.  Now that the recent avatar has died Adena's potential to become the avatar has emerged, making her ability for the earth, wind, water, & lightning elements to make way. 

Challenged with the task of having to find earth, wind, water, & lightning masters to teach her the elements, Adena and her friends Demetria and Raidyn must find masters to teach them the elements before a rogue fire bender kills all the other bender masters. 

Who will win the chase ?


1. Prologue

The Lord of Fire looked down upon the congregation and smiled, for he was getting married to a princess of fire. He was also going to get a daughter of fire. The perfect family he thought. 

As the wedding march began to play the congregation settled down into their seats  and the doors opened revealing The Lord of Fire's new daughter. At age seven she looked adorable in the flaming dress and fire flower crown. She was a beautiful specimen of fire and she would be the perfect fire princess to the crown.  As The Firebirds Daughter made her way dow the aisle she spread the flaming flower petals on the floor. 

Then the doors opened again and in came the bride with the same long, fiery red orange flowing hair as the daughter, and bright topaz colored eyes and facial structure. The two were almost alike except for the daughter had sea blue eyes from her late father that had passed only two years before.  

As the wedding march carried on and the bride walked down the aisle behind the beautiful flower girl, the flower girl began to sneeze. As she sneezed the temperature in the room got hotter and hotter. All of a sudden out of the girls mouth, hands, and eyes came fire. She was bursting into flames. As the flames calmed and were at peace in a graceful dance around the girl a image appeared in a bright flash of white light. 

A picture of the avatar appeared and seeped down into the girls body. Everyone gasped, for now this could mean only one thing; she was a potential avatar. The Lord of Fire now looked down upon the daughter proudly, for she was a prime candidate for the fire princess and she had already mastered the fire element. 

This little seven year old girl's name was Adena.

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