The King's Royal Daughters (ON HIATUS)

The story evolves around the French Revolution, capturing the joys and sorrows of the French Royal Family.


1. Introduction

This is a work of fiction. Characters,places,incidents and dialogues are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to other stories,events or locales is entirely coincidental.

Constructive comments are welcome, but flames are not tolerated.



List of characters

Queen (Lady) Claudine Danzana Royal (aged 36)

Grand Queen of France, wife of King Joseph of France. A tragic series of revolutionary attacks sent her to seek refuge in England.

King (Sir) Joseph Royal (aged 38)

A man of mixed English-French blood, husband of Lady Claudine. Misunderstandings arose about him and he fled to England.

Marie Amy Royal (aged 10)(Future Lady Royal)

Youngest of King Joseph’s four daughters. She bore the brunt of revolution and chose to stay in France instead of leaving with her parents.

Julianna Suzanne Royal (aged 15)(Future Princess)

Second youngest of the Royal daughters, she was close to Marie and chose to stay with her in France.

Charmayne Mindi Royal (aged 18)(Future Grand Duchess)

Jealous and power thirsty, she began the revolution in a quest to become queen. She was put to death by her uncle and her rebellion was halted.

Faith Desiree Royal Duvont (aged 20) (Future Queen)

Wife of Lord Francoise and Lady Claudine’s favourite daughter. Married to Lord Francoise Duvont, she lived a peaceful life till she was murdered.

Lord Francoise Duvont (aged 30)

Son of the well-respected Duke Wallace Duvont, he is the husband of the future Queen, Faith Desiree Royal. He managed to successfully suppress Charmayne’s rebellion.

Germaine Danzana or Gramma Gerdan (aged 65) (Former Queen)

Former Queen of France and mother to Queen Claudine, the Royals sought refuge in her house for some time during the revolution. She was later ruthlessly killed by Charmayne.

Dimitri Vugant (aged 20)

One of Charmayne’s most trusted advisors; he was tasked with various important matters during the revolution.



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