In danger

A girl was being chase by people that where trying to hurt her and she had to go somewhere safe before they get to her and she arrived at an unfamiliar house and met a guy.... you'll just have to read the rest and find out.


1. let me in

Stephany's POV

I ran up the steps and knocked on the door, I heard the doorknob turn open. As I waited, I saw a boy stand in front of the doorway.

"Can I help you?" He asked politely.

"Can I come inside? I'm in trouble" I asked shaking my hand.

"What happen to you? You have blood running down your legs" he look down. He looked around my age.

"I'm Stephany. I'm seventeen years old. I just need to hide." I said in a shaky voice.

"Come in" he demanded pulling the door wider. I stepped in the large house looking around. "I'm Calum, by the way" he smiled guiding me to the living room. I sank into his leather couch while he sat right next to me. His brown eyes were staring into mine. I sighed, putting my hands on my legs.

"What exactly happened?" Calum said breaking the silence.

"Well it's very personal but since I'm at your house I guess you deserve to know, summary is that I was being chased by people that were trying very hard to harm me." I explained.

He nodded, "Do you know these people?"

"Some" I mumbled. My eyes wandered around the room. "Where's your parents?" I asked noticing how empty the house was.

"Business dinner, I don't know if they'll be home tonight." He laughed with a fake smile and could tell he hated not having his parents around.

"Is it always like this?" I asked looking into his eyes.

"You get use to the loneliness some days it's comforting, others it's frightening."

"How is it frightening" I asked.

"Because when you're alone your thoughts are loud and alive" he answered his eyes screamed innocence.

"Do you have anywhere else to go?" Calum asked. I shook my head back and forth. He opened his mouth, but the front door shot.

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