Suicide Rise

This is about a game I play called Highrise, but I have to give credit to the author or Moviestarplanet Murder, because this is based off her story. Warning this can get extremely gruesome. I'd recommend this to players (Because they know the game well) unless it creeps you out to hear bad things about games you play. I don't want HIGHRISE pissed at Movellas. Life.Will.Be.Over


1. My Virtual Attachment

My Virtual Attachment #1

I had been spending my day on Habbo, just a virtual world game, I have quite a few coins and I'm definitely NOT a NOOB. I had downloaded atleast 5 different Avatar worlds. And just when I was to stop I got refereed by a girl named XxAngelBabexX to join Highrise. It didn't take long for curious-ness to overwhelm me. I tapped my fingers through the App Store until I came across the game, I didn't stop to think that this could be my death sentence, because of hackers and all that jazz. I quickly started up my avatar, passing the introduction I had a list of things to do before I became an resident. I had completed 5/6 and then came the last one. I was quite concerned after remembering what happened on Msp. (Read Moviestarplanet Murder). I typed a pm to JimmyBot.

*Savannah1099* Hello

*JimmyBot* Welcome to Highrise

I was ever-so relieved that it was only a welcome message.

*Savannah1099* :)

*JimmyBot* All Trades in Highrise are final AKA No Trade Backs, K?

I ignored the last message, as I know that a bot will not stop messaging. I had a 50$ iTunes card (For gaming from dad) and I bought some Gold, went to Auctions and bought rares. I got my YouTube ready and did a screen film.

*Savannah1099* Hey YouTube, it's Savvy Sunday🙀 and I'm playing a new game! Highrise!

*Savannah1099* After the last deal with MSP. I'm going to a Warning Room. Call me a wimp but I'm hella scared😰

I tapped around until I got to a warning room.

I was flooded with messages


*MaisyDaisy632* Don't Trust Anyone!!! I've been HACKED

there was one message that stopped the rest, panic hit like a tsaunami. I was horrified.

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