close as strangers

One night they were all together.
the next they were apart.
She never got to tell him,
How she felt.
Now she will,
Even if they are as close as strangers.

(only some minor phan smut)


2. one

(just to clean things up, this is two years later)

Megan's P.O.V

I walked down the cold London street, gripping the bag full of fries and pizza. The heat was reflecting on my leg, giving it a burning sensation. I walked past some theatre, seeing the words "5 Seconds Of Summer" shining is bright lights. It was kinda like rubbing the fact that I didn't tour with them in my face. It's been two years, they are probably doing better than I'm doing. I graduated and now I'm studying in West London. I live with my friends, Dan and Phil in their apartment. (i apologize in advanced) We met a long time ago, and I told them I went to school here and we now live together. I pay half the rent, and they split it up in two for them. I volunteered to get dinner, so I just found the nearest pizza place. It started to rain, and the cold liquid streamed over my head. I tried to run a little faster but I saw someone coming. The person walking towards me looked unprepared and darted down the street, he slipped and his feet splashed through the forming puddles. He reached me and hit my hand, knocking the food out of my grip. He stumbled to the ground, trying to pick everything up. "I'm so sorry, miss." He stuttered. He accent seemed so familiar. "Oh, it's fine. It happens a lot." No it doesn't. He handed me the bag and looked up. "Holy shit, is that you Megan?" I tried to walk away. Him. Out of all people. My old best friend. "Oh, hey Luke." He frowned. "You remember me?" He asked, slightly blushing. "Why wouldn't I?" I tried to keep it small. I haven't talked to him in two years, and I didn't want this conversation to go any longer than it has to. "Well because of-" I cut him off. "That was two years ago. I'm not stubborn. How about you come to my place for tea?" God dammit I made a stereotype of myself. He smiled. "I'm free." He tried to talk to me but I kept it silent. I wanted to ask about Michael "Are-" I stopped myself. "You and Ashton still together?" I asked as he shook his head. "No, paparazzi tore us apart." he looked really upset. "Oh, well, sorry."   Silence. We walked the rest of the block until we reached my building. Dan and Phil won't really care, right? They are probably packing for Playlist Live next week, that I was invited to unlike something else, so they won't mind. And on the other hand, they are pretty chill guys. I unlocked the door to see the guys on the couch, laptops in hand. The usual. "Megan, did you get that pizza- who's that?" Phil asked, as I closed the door behind Luke. "Oh, just an old friend." I mumbled, as Luke awkwardly just stood behind me. Dan looked up for a second, and rolled his eyes. "Meg, is that the douchebag who embarrassed you in front of everyone two years ago?" He asked, closing the laptop. "Well,-" "Megan," "No, not really." I'm only 19, and Dan and Phil are older than me, so they kind of parent me. They care about me, and Luke never did. He was just there. I must have zoned out because Dan was lecturing Luke. He was screaming about death or something, but Phil looked kinda pissed. "Damn, Daniel. Chill out. You're embarrassing him." I looked at Luke, who was flushed red. Dan looked upset, thinking what he did wrong for the literal human marshmallow to tell him to "chill out." I know he was just standing up for me, because that's the nice person he is. "Well, sit down." Phil gestured, as Luke and I walked over. I sat next to Dan, and Luke sat next to Phil. The couch was small and there was another couch across the room, but we all have to sit together. I was a little squished into Dan, leaving him to blush a tad, but I just wanted Luke to have room. Luke looked at us, and kind of smirked. "Megan, is that you're boyfriend?" I looked at Dan, and he was turning as red as Luke earlier. I probably was blushing too. I sat up a little bit, and laughed. "No, just friends." Phil laughed. "You two are so cute though." He spoke, looking at Luke and laughing. I could feel Dan getting warmer. "Ha ha, funny Phil." I figured I should move as it was getting really awkward, but Dan lightly pushed me down. He walked over the other chair, and sat down. Dan and I were quiet as Phil and Luke were talking like they have known each other forever. Dan looked really upset, kind of new for him. You could cut the tension with a knife in here. "I'm gonna get plates for the food." I said, looking at Dan. "I'm here." He screamed, causing Phil and Luke to look at him for a second, then continuing. I felt bad. Was he jealous? Dan rolled his eyes, and pulled out his phone. I walked into the kitchen and decided to heat up the food, as it was cold for sitting on the floor. My phone vibrated and I grabbed it from my pocket. "Twitter: Dan Howell @danisnotonfire : Never forget someone, they could be sitting right across from you or are a world away, but they love you." I wonder what that was about, Dan usually never tweets like that. It's usually something about memes or something. The little bell went off and I grabbed the paper plates. We always have like "organic" food or something, so it was kinda a once and a while thing to have takeout. It was a cold friday, so I said I would get it. We always watch random anime's afterwords, but I feel like tonight was going somewhere different. I put the food on table, and grabbed a bottle of wine and some glasses. Phil and Luke came over, and sat down. But Luke sat in Dan's seat, right next to Phil. Dan walked over and saw that, and I expected him to flip the table. But he just shook his head and sat next to me. He grabbed the wine bottle and poured us both a glass, and just handed the bottle to Phil. Phil looked a little surprised, as Dan usually pours a glass for everyone. I handed out plates and pizza, putting the fries in the middle of the table. Dan barely touched his food, and Luke and Phil kept on chatting. They both reached for a fry and touched hands and laughed. I feel like that was Dan's breaking point. "Hey Megan, can we talk?" He asked me, gritting his teeth. I didn't even answer him, I just followed his room. He closed the door behind me, and sat in the bed. "He needs to leave." He mumbled, face in palms. "Dan, are you jealous?" Silence. "Dan?" I heard him let out a breath. "Megan, I love Phil," I laughed. "Funny, Dan." I looked at him. He was dead serious. "Phan is real?" He nodded. "Phan is real." I knew it. "So, why haven't you told him yet?" He shrugged. "I don't know if he likes me back." I laughed. "Dan, you two are meant to be. The way you look in each others eyes, whatever. You guys are perfect." He smiled. "Thanks, Megan. You're my rock." I returned the smile. I suddenly felt a wave a deja vu. Strange. We walked out to see something I never want to see again. Luke was kissing Phil. Phil's eyes were wide open, trying to push Luke away. I could see Dan break. Phil looked at Dan, and shattered. I feel like he realized how's he felt tonight. Dan walked into his bedroom and slammed the door. Phil stood up and ran to Dan's room. I looked at Luke. "Get out. All you do is cause trouble. What happened to you?" He shrugged. I grabbed him by the shoulder and threw him out the door. "Wait Megan-" I rolled my eyes. "What?" He handed me two tickets. "This is for tomorrow night. It's at the O2. You can bring Lan." I held back from strangling him. "Dan. And I'll think about. And why do you just carry around these?" He shrugged. "I don't know. But it's front row tickets and you get to come back stage and see the other guys." Michael. "Okay. Bye." I closed the door on his face. I walked to my room and saw the crack of Dan's door that was open. Dan was in Phil's arms, and they were both in tears. My heart melted. I went into my bedroom and put on a pair of mesh shorts and a old t-shirt. I walked to my bathroom and brushed my teeth and put my hair in a messy bun. I would just shower tomorrow. I walked back out to the kitchen and cleaned up the pizza. I heard a door open and one close, as Dan walked in to help me. He looked like he had changed into pajamas, but his eyes still looked teary. His hair was a mess, but it was cute. "Hey." He mumbled, grabbing some plates and putting them in the bin. "Hey, did you two make up?" He blushed. "And made out." I smiled. I almost dumped my wine, but he grabbed the fries and walked to the sofa. "Anime?" He asked. I smiled and walked over and sat next to him. "I'd love to." We ate the rest of the soggy fries and watched Attack on Titan. All remember before falling asleep is Phil walking in saying "Dan, I love you." 

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