close as strangers

One night they were all together.
the next they were apart.
She never got to tell him,
How she felt.
Now she will,
Even if they are as close as strangers.

(only some minor phan smut)


1. prologue

Megan's P.O.V

The party lights shone on my face, neon colors making darkness bright. I was standing with Calum and Ashton, but Michael was across the room, laughing and smiling. Tonight I need to tell him how I feel about him. It was about 11 o'clock, and this ends at 12. So, this needs to happen now or never. "Hey Meg, you feeling okay?" Ashton cut me out of my zone. "Oh yeah, totally." And out of the darkness came a drunk Luke. "Hey guys!" He giggled. "Luke go home, you're drunk." Calum said, laughing at him. "No I'm not!" He walked, well stumbled, away. "I'm gonna do it." I mumbled, putting my drink on the table. "Ash, I'll be right back." He nodded and I walked over to Michael. He was laughing with a group of girls and guys. I decided to do it later and not bother him, so I went to find Luke. Luke has been my best friend forever, and he is my go to to talk to. I found him the basement, puking into a sink. "Hey." I said, as he lifted his head up. "Hey, totally wasn't puking in that sink." I laughed. "Ha. Luke, what do I do if I like someone, but I don't know how to tell him?" He smirked. "I love you, Megan and I always have-" I cut him off. "Luke, it's not you." I didn't know if it's because he's drunk or he likes me but he just came out 2 months ago. "Oh, okay. Then who is it?" I looked up to the ceiling. "It's Michael." His eyes went wide. "Love, he's dating Amanda. She'll kill you." I shook my head. "Luke, he dumped her 2 weeks ago." He took a sip of the beer. "Not what I heard." I laughed. "Yeah, okay. But should I do it?" He looked at the ground. "My biggest fear is you getting hurt, Megan. You show so much emotion to him and he doesn't care." He frowned. "I want to do it before you guys tour." He ran his fingers through his hair. "So, in 3 days?" I just wanted Michael to like me. I wanted to be happy. "I like someone here tonight." I looked up at him. "Who?" He blushed. "Ashton. But he'll never like me. He's straight-" "Luke, you don't know that. Maybe he hasn't come out yet." It made me remember when Luke came out. It was after one of the boys band practices, and he made up a cute little speech and all of us cried. He was so brave and tell us that, and we were so happy he did it and didn't hide it. "Meg, he won't ever like me." I grabbed his hand. "He might like you." Silence. "I'm gonna do it. But can you come with me?"  He nodded and followed me up the stairs. Michael was with Ashton and Calum. There was someone else there, but I could barely see who it was. "Michael, I have something to tell you." He turned around, and I saw Amanda hooked in his arm. "Oh, there you are Megan! I have some news. 'Manda and I are back together! She's going on tour with the boys and I!" He flashed me a smile. "He was going to invite you, but I'm more important than you and no one in the band cares about you." No one stopped what she was saying to me. "So, what did you want to tell me?" He asked as I just blushed blood red. "Uh, it was nothing-" Amanda looked at me. "She wanted to ask you out! The little bitch! Well, sorry about that sweetheart! He's taken! MINE. Go back to being a loser." She pushed me to the floor. "Hey, don't touch her!" Luke screamed, and people gathered around us. "Shut up you piece of gay shit!" Ashton helped me up and put me in Luke's arms. "Don't call him that!" Ashton raged. "What are you fucking gay?" She asked, as I finally regained my balance. "Never talk to them like that!" Amanda slapped me in the face. Silence filled the house. I don't know what came over me, but I punched Amanda in the face. She fell backwards and started to cry. It was obviously fake, I think, but Michael didn't seem to notice. He looked at me. "Megan! You are a fucking bitch! You just hurt my girlfriend, and I hope that I never see you again! Kill yourself!" I looked at Luke, who was making out with Ashton. Oh great. I ran out and pushed through the crowds. I started to cry but didn't care. I just wanted to be out of there. "Megan, wait!" It was Luke. I was on the front lawn and he was running behind. He bent over to puke and looked back up at me. "Megan, he didn't mean it!" I wiped my eyes. "Yes, he did! He told me to kill myself! I'm leaving! Enjoy your tour with Amanda!" I ran down the street to my block and raced to my house. Michael was my ride.

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