A teenage girl looses her boyfriend in a terriable accident. Now she's depressed and has anxiety. She and her mother move to Sydney to start a new life. Suddently everything gets worse. Will everything be fine in the end?


1. Chapter 1

I slightly opened my eyes. I closed them again because the light was too bright. I blinked a few times so my eyes could get used to the morning sun.

I stared at the blank ceiling as I listened to rain drops fall 'softly' to the ground outside. The sound feels cold. I turn on the other side and stare at the sheet. This side of the bed feels cold and empty.


A warm tear runs down my cheek as I stare at this side of the bed.

The tear falls on my pillow. Just like a rain drop. Softly.

I layed for an hour in my bed and thought about nothing and everything.

My mom knocked on the door. ,,Wake up! You're going to be late for school!"

I stood up and opened the door. ,,I don't want to go. And you know it." I shut the door and layed back on my bed.

I haven't been to school for months. Going to school will bring back memories that I don't want to remember. Because I know wouldn't handle it.. Actually, I think I could handle it.

Just like glass, you can't break it if it's already broken.

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