Don't Go

Please don't go...please


1. Introduction

Hey ,before we get on with the story I wanted to intoduce myself to you,

My name is Melanie Jones and im 17 years old. 

I love music , food , sleep,my family,video games,books,movies,penguins  and my best friend Micheal Clifford.

I hate the hospital, school , most people and bullies.

My mums name is Dawn Jones and is super helpful

I have 2 sisters called Mary and Louise.

Louise is 20 and helps me when I cant cope anymore and just want to quit.

And Mary is 14 she also keeps me happy but helps me whenever she can even though she is 14.

Micheal is 17 aswell and is one of the only people who know about my problems.

I think you now know pretty much every thing about me so lets get on!


A/N Hey I hope you enjoy this Movella and WARNING if you get upset or anything like that easily DO NOT CARRY ON!!!! I cried making this so im just warning you.

Blossom <3

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