Beauty Untold

Wrote this as four in the morning ha enjoy ^-^


1. Beauty Untold

He said you were a rose

But he ended up lying 

Because the rose that he meant

Was of one that was dying 


A stab in the back

A knife covered in rust

The betrayal of the one

You thought you could trust 


Damaged love is what causes 

You trying not to feel 

As what you thought you could hold

Turned out not to be real


Words that he whispered 

Promises he made 

When a better offer came along

His presence began to fade


When you need him the most

He abandons you dearly

When you try to get an answer 

He doesn't say one clearly 


Maybe it makes him feel loved 

To see you hurting inside 

You give up st night 

There's no feelings left to hide 


It brought you to a tree 

Where a rope held in space 

And it dangled from your neck 

With a smile on your face 


Your last image was a rose

The thoughts in your head

Said you were this rose 

And this rose was dead

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