Light the Dark

What would happen when a dark meets light? Join the journey of Dylan Conor as he discovers the dark Dia Florez and her flaws. Come to a jouney of a silly love story.


1. Chapter 1

*"Every school has a mystery, she was ours"*

*bell ring*

Students and teachers began to make their way to classes. I ought to do the same thing. My first class was just an hour listening to Mr. Frego ranting on about science to sarcasm to his life. I had another hour of lecture from Ms. Deere. As the bell rung for our break time, everyone scurried through the door. I was again left behind.

"Dylan, Will you do me a favor?" Ms. Deere asked.

I had no choice but to accept because I was the only on still there with the teacher & it was my break time. I made my way towards the choir room (also used for Piano classes) to hand Mrs. Melody a paper from Ms. Deere. As I was getting closer to the door. I heard piano playing. I heard the intro for See You Again being played. I entered and a voice started to sing. I instantly knew that the voice did not belong to Mrs. Melody.

Mrs. Melody had a voice like an opera singer but a better way for students to understand and reach the notes. The voice was a bit more modern as of a young teenage girl singing. The voice of this mystery singer made the song as if she had written the song herself. I reach a corner turn and the music stops.

"That was amazing Ms. Florez, you are very well gifted." I heard Mrs. Melody say to this girl.

"Thank You, Mrs. Melody. Thanks for-" I interrupted their conversation as I got closer to them.

"Ah, the paper. At last it had finally arrived. Thank you Dylan." Mrs. Melody says as she sees me. As I handed her the paper, the girl turned towards me. I stood in fear as the mystery girl stared at me.

She was one of the trouble makers in school but she never hang with anybody. Her appearance makes her look like an outsider. She has a long red hair with her tips dyed pink. She wore big glasses and beneath had a full eye makeup all black. She wore a black leather vest with chains, black ripped jeans, and a black combat boots.

She gave me a glare. I don't have a good feeling about this.

"Well, I best be going. Hehe." I said with a nervous laugh.

"Don't be silly. Dylan, I'd love you to met one of my student Dia Florez. I have to go somewhere really quick, will you keep her company?" Mrs. Melody asked. Oh dear. I'm not quite sure what to say.

"Uh, I'd love to Mrs. but-" I started to say but then cut off by Mrs. Melody. "Excellent, I'll be right back." With that she left.

Again, I stood there in fear. Dia went back to playing the piano with a different tune. She was playing Fur Elise by Beethoven.

"Uh, hi. Dia, was it? You're very skilled at that piano." I tried to make a conversation with her but she focused on the piano. "How long have you been playing the piano? I've only played for a few months in 7th grade. I'm not quite good you see, that's why I quit. Anyway-" I was then cut off by a loud noise from the piano.

"SHUT UP! I'm trying to focus here!" She yelled while she had both palms upon the keys. I gulped once more, I backed away. "Look Dylan, I'm not forcing you to stay here. You could go back to your friends. I'll tell Mrs. Melody you had to go." I nod and thanked her and dash through the door. I've never been so terrified in my life.

As soon as my friends were in sight, the bell rang for 3rd period. I ran towards my friends and we started our way to our class.

"Dude, where were you?" Matthew asked. "We almost didn't finish our project in time."

"That's what you get for doing in the last minute." I laugh. He slightly shoved me, pouting.

"Seriously, where were you?" John asked. I sigh.

"I had to do an errand for Ms. Deere. I could never been so terrified in my life." I explained.

"What happened?"

"Okay so, as I made my way to Mrs. Melody's class I hear the most acoustic singing ever! Guess who it was?"

"Christine?" "Nope" "Anarose?" "Nope" "Ann? Juli? Eliza?" "Nope, nope and nope"

"Who?" both asked in sync, signing that they give up.

"Dia Florez." I told them. I continued to walk until I realize they no longer were beside me. I looked back they stood in fear and rushed to my side.

"THE Dia Florez? The most violent girl in this school?" They asked. They paused then laughed. We soon arrived in class and took our seat "Stop joking man, who is it really?"

"I'm not joking! I can prove it, I'll tell you how she looks like. She was wearing a black beanie, black vest with chains, black ripped pants, and black combat boots." I exclaimed. They just cough it off till she came in class with the exact description I told them. They, once again, stood in place. Frozen, then looked at me. I smile, "I told you. Should've bet on it."

After 2 hour of lecture from two teachers the bell rang for lunch. We stood in line for our lunch. Sloppy Joe with apple wedges and grape juice/milk. Gross.

"You heard Dia singing?!" John asked in disbelief.

"Don't forget I also heard her play the piano." I added.

"With violent hand like that, I bet she was just smashed the keys." Matthew joked and both laugh. The rest of the group showed up.

"Who are you guys talking about?" Sarah asked.

"You're never gonna believe what Dylan encountered." John exclaimed.

"I heard Dia singing and playing the piano. I swear she is very talented in music." I told them. All had the same reaction as Matthew and John.

"THE Dia Florez!?" Rose asked.

"Yes! And no Matthew, she was just pounding the keys. She was actually gentle with them. She played and sang See you Again as if she created that song. Then she played Fur Elise" I continued.

"Okay, Okay. Though, don't fall for her. I heard she dumped a boy within 30 seconds of dating and she will dump you hard." Mary states.

"Who came up with that?"

"Philp Parker. The only man with the guts to date her for a dare."

"Silly, silly rumors." "Whateves bruh, I warn you."

Our lunch passed quickly after then the school day had ended. Dia Florez huh. I'd love to know about her.

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