Just a Little Faster || Barry Allen x Reader

Life was miserable.

Sure, Barry got the role of the annoying, insufferable hottie... But he never got the girl he wanted. Diana liked him. Iris liked him. And we all knew BRUCE even liked him. But as hot as The Batman was, he was aiming for a certain crime investigator he could never have....

Or could he?


1. Her Evidence

The interrogation seemed to last forever.

It was only a matter of time before his father was sent to jail. Joe was a good man. A righteous one. But he didn't believe. He didn't believe the story.

Barry tried to tell them. Why not? He had a good-willed father that had to be brought to justice. His mother needed to be avenged. But what about Joe's family?

He lived with only two daughters: Iris and [NAME] West. She pretty much looked like her sister: determined smile, flowing [COLOR] hair, dazzling [COLOR]ed eyes... She was curious about everything... And on that night, she even promised Barry something he'd never forget.

It all started at the Police Station...

The girls were just sitting down, Barry in between them. He was still having a total breakdown, though he did so silently. Each little choke was so quiet; the child tried desperately hard to contain himself.

Then, a little shock reached his shoulder.

"Ow!" Barry exclaimed, putting a hand over his arm.

"Oops! Sorry!," a girl next to him smiled nervously. "I just get a little iffy when my dad's interrogating--"

"Don't say it." Barry glared.

"Say what?,"the young girl asked, tilting her head.

"He's not a criminal"

"I wasn't ABOUT to say he was a criminal!"

Barry looked up into her eyes, seeing that she is completely sincere. Confused, he asked, "Who are you?"

"Duh, I'm [NAME]!" she replies, smiling. "And you're the kid that deserves justice." She leans in whispering, "Good guy justice, not bad guy justice!"

Barry sat up, now interested in what this girl is talking about.

"You don't think my dad's bad...do you?" Barry asked [NAME], furrowing his eyebrows.

"Well..." She says, flipping through an Avengers notebook. "According to my research, Mr. Allen is literally the nicest man I know. He's very loving towards his family, whoever VISITS his family, so there's no further reason to prove why he would ever kill his wife. Besides, there were no thumb prints at the scene of the crime, and your dad had absolutely no gloves or any protection to hide them. Therefore, the investigation still should be els present, not simply just claiming your father killed the man. Whatever happened to 'just blame that sucker 'cause he was there and I want my donuts'?"

Barry looked at [NAME], surprised as to what she said. This could save him months—YEARS—of looking into that stupid trunk, fending for what he could find to prove his father wasn't the guy. But this girl... This girl could be the key.

"Don't get your hopes up, Barry." Iris, his friend, explained from the other side. "Dad won't believe us."

"You're kidding." Barry, scoffed.

"No, we're not." Both girls said in unison.

"And wait a minute..." Barry took a look at the two. "Are you.."

"Twins? Yep!"


"We're fraternal, Allen." [NAME] explained.

"And in more ways than one." Iris laughed.

"But you can both help...right?" Barry asked.

"Well..." Iris said, thinking. "We could help proving that you're right as ever!"

"But it won't help proving it to DAD," [NAME] groaned. "He just thinks we're--"

"Right and he won't admit it." Iris smiled at her sister. Then she turned to Barry. "Listen, Barry. My sister probably has all the answers to your questions. Maybe the police won't know, but at least for all the time he's in there... You won't have to fight yourself over who's right and who's wrong."

"You're right..." Barry said slowly, smiling. "Thanks, [NAME]!" Barry leaned over, hugging the flustered girl next to him.

"Any t-time, Barry." She blushed furiously a hand on his back.

And that's how this unbelievably confusing and hectic story began.

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