A Thousand Fireworks || The Perks of Being a Wallflower

He wasn't fake. He was understandable. He wasn't one of the cool kids. He was just like me: a loner. He wasn't known. He was kept secret. He wasn't a nobody.

He was Charlie.

NOTE: All updates and entries will be divided into only four chapters. Watch out for updates

NOTE:These are letters back to my dear friend, Charlie, whom I wish to see soon.

(The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Teenage life


1. Part 1

June 5, 2015

Dear Charlie,

Only a few hours ago, I highly believed this was a terrible idea. I'm not in high school yet. I don't have a bunch of senior friends to cry over. I wouldn't understand your problems 100%.

Then again, who does? For everyone we know, we hide something from them and possibly tell someone else. Maybe you could reveal all your secrets to the world, but to absolutely no one in particular. I guess it's just God that knows everything.

And, in a sense, I am in your position. I have played as the mutual friend in multiple "friendship fights". I have many regrets. I have said many sober goodbyes this year.

For instance, this year, my friend, Tim is leaving. He was (actually IS) a great friend, even though he just came this year. And then Madison is leaving. And then Eren. And...

I shouldn't ramble on and on. If they're leaving, they're leaving. That's it. I can convince them, but in the end, it's all on them.

But, hey, let's cut to the chase.

By now, you'd be, what, somewhere along the lines of a young adult. Or an old young adult. And I'm a fetus middle school student. And I know your story. And even if it wasn't made for me, I owe you. You've opened my eyes to the world, so I'll write back, though it may not help much.

I just wanted to start off nice and easy. Wait for the complicated crap to come later on.

I'm about to sign off, but before I leave, I want to say that I'm using the concept of generic names, since I'm using an iPhone, which comes WAY later on after you finish high school. If anyone finds out who is who, then I'm literal toast.

Love always,


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