Permanently and Forever

This was a poem I wrote for my creative writing class. Enjoy, and if you like it, please click that little heart icon. Thanks! --- Taylor Marie


1. Permanently and Forever By: Tayloursaur Rex ©2015. All Rights Reserved.

©2015. All Rights Reserved.



Controlling, greedy and stubborn people-

the world is spinning slower,

one day this world will stop.

Permanently and forever.

We will all wake up and notice nothing-

screams and shouts get louder.

babies are crying; the grown-ups are shouting.

Permanently and forever.

She wonders why... why no one's listening-

everything's come to a sudden halt.

She screams and shouts for people to listen.

Permanently and forever.

He wakes up and notices that the sun no longer shines-

A world that used to go fast,

has finally stopped and is no longer spinning.

Permanently and forever.

Wake up, wake up, please wake up-

stop the world from this coldness.

and people wonder why everyone's crying.

Permanently and forever.

"Everyone, everyone" an elderly woman cried-

"Why is the world so cold?"

When she was your age, the world was much more alive.

Permanently and forever.

The screaming gets louder and confusion gets high-

everything's outta control.

The greed and stubbornness is overflowing.

Permanently and forever.

Stop fishing for selfishness-

or else the days and nights will get longer.

These people are crying and the majority are dying.

Permanently and forever.

The waves in the sea will cease to crash-

onto their rocky cliffs which now crumble.

The booming of the thunder, will be no longer.

Permanently and forever.

The little boy who saw this coming-

was yelling and shouting louder,

he could of been the one who saved us all.

Permanently and forever.

These people died, sharing their thoughts-

why are the good ones dying?

Perhaps it is God punishing us for our mistakes.

Permanently and forever.

How about we all stop this now-

before it's too late to even try.

We've all had enough of this type of life.

Permanently and forever. 

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