Bloodsucking Beauties

Maya is back in Sydney after the shocking death of her mother. All she has is an abusive father and a depressed brother. And Michael … her ex boyfriend, who has haunted her dreams for the past five years…


1. Focus. It's nothing.

"Maya Rotterworth, to the reception please. That's Maya Rotterworth to reception please. Thank you!" The speaker sounded.

The voice sounded grim and haunting. I shot a confused look to my best friend, Chevonne, who returned me with an equally astounded glance.

I cautiously pulled back my chair as it made a loud screeching noise. Everyone was looking at me, some laughing, snickering or equally concerned.

I gathered my books and got my bag. Swinging it over my shoulder, I took one last look at my friends. Amy, Chevonne, Maisie, Tahira.

'Its nothing' my subconsciousness said. 'Its trouble' I reminded myself.

I shoved the door open and walked out, my grubby trainers squeaking on the floor. I sighed. Take a deep breath. Focus.

I got to reception and saw Kyle, my brother. He was biting his lip and picking his fingernails. Grieving faces were staring in our way. I was confused and slightly scared.

"This way, Maya, Kyle," Jolene, the receptionists assistance said.

We followed her into a room, small but lighted with the many windows. My dad was say on one of the uncomfy metal chairs, his eyes red and puffy.

"Kyle, Maya, y-y-your m-moth-mother w-was-was ki-killed b-b-by her ex b-boyf-boyfriend. Stab-ed over twenty t-times in her ches-chest!" He stuttered, bursting out crying, sobbing, with fresh tears.

Kyle started sobbing. As for me, as sad as I was, I was muttering to myself. Then it hit me. I had been shot. Not literally, but compassionately. Tears filled my eyes. In grief, but not for my mother.

"We're going back, aren't we!" I shouted.

I wasn't greeted with words. But with a shake of his head.

My life was other. Yet, it was starting. Starting with a daily dose of Hell!

OMG sorry about this awful beginning. I'm just wondering, could anyone spare me by making a good cover for this book. It has to include a pretty but sad girl, hell in the background and a guy. It's a surprise, so I your making me the cover, I'll tell you the guy to include. But you must have either Facebook or or YouTube account to do it. PLEASE COMMENT!!!! Lyasm

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