do i like him more than a friend?


1. you

I dont cry, I haven't cried by muyself for a long time because the last few times ive crued i was with oyou becaus ei felt comfotabel with you and i trusted you so ucking much. but now im cryinjg and its by myself and its over you because i want you here with me, to comfosrt me and to care fir me but then inthink whatn if you don't want me? what if you'd rather some other girl instead and i know we have been t0gether before but maybe im just another girl even though you say im not what if you dont like me nymor and your over me. now i like you and you don; like me, you would be the prefect boyfriend if i had the time to date you but i fucking dont nd i hatentnyt. i miss you so fcuking much and i don't know what to do becayuse im fucking crying because i like you alot.. 

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