The Solar Detonation

This story was an idea me and a group of friends have been working on for like, half-a-year now? There's only a few chapters complete so yeah...


1. Chapter 1

Beijing, China

A man appeared in front of my eyes.
“The sun will explode,” said the man. “You are one of the Chosen Ones that descended from the Lords of the Seven Continents. Find the others and together you can try to destroy the demon which lives in the centre of the sun with his minions. Destroy him and his minions and you shall succeed…”

The alarm clock beeped to 8:01.

“Aaaahhhhh!!!!!!” I screamed. I pounced out of my bed and down the stairs with the blanket still wrapped around me. I ran into the bathroom, grabbed my toothbrush and squeezed a thick blob of toothpaste not exactly on my toothbrush. Toothpaste was everywhere and made a mess of the bathroom. Stuffing the toothbrush into my mouth, I flung my blanket into the laundry room and hurried back into my room. I grabbed my schoolbag and my uniform. Rushing back down the stairs, I dashed to the coffee table where I left my homework book. I stuffed it in my bag and threw my clothes onto the couch. I brushed my teeth around for a moment while rushing to the kitchen sink. I spat the toothpaste out into the sink, but I kind of missed. Toothpaste-spit was splattered onto the counter top.
After hastily slipping into my school uniform, I grabbed my lunch box and my schoolbag and checked the clock on the lounge room wall (an advantage with open plan houses – there’s no walls to block the way). It read: 8:18.
“BYE MOM AND DAD! BE RIGHT BACK!” I yelled out, hoping they wouldn’t notice the time. Which they almost always don’t.

I busted out the door. I stuffed my lunchbox into my bag. Looking up to the sky, I remembered what the man in my dream said. The sun will explode, I remembered. You are one of the Chosen Ones. Hahahaha! That was so funny! I love dreams. They are awesome. It’s so fun but when you wake up it’s such a shame that it’s just your imagination.

Then, the sun exploded.

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