1. The names Ashtynn

Hi I'm AshtYnn.

I'm 17 almost 18.

And right now I'm in detention.

I'm a regular when it comes to detention.

Today I'm in for kissing the football captain in the middle of there most important game of the year.

It is usually the same thing.

Like last week I gave the swim team captain a blowjob while he was suppose to be swimming.

Or I was doing the non speakable to the basket ball captain.

I have had sex with almost the important team captain in the school.

And most of the non important people.

So basicly the whole boy population in this school.

All except 4 certain boys.

Those are the 'bad boys'.

Luke Hemmings.

Ashton Irwin.

Calum Hood.

Michael Clifford.

They do all the same things as me but worse.

But some how I get caught and they don't.

But that all changed.

They finally got caught.

There not like anyone I have ever met.

I mean Luke got a girl pregnant at 15, then left her.

Michael has an eye brow piercing and colored hair.

I mean I have colored hair too and piercings but I'm a girl.

Ashton does drugs and drinks more than the other boys.

And Calum has a body full of tattoos.

But no matter what they are the last people I need to sleep with.

And luckily my day has come to make at least one of them wanna have sex with me.

They were finally caught.

I wasn't the only bad ass in detention today.

But I don't know who to go after first.

Who would fall for a tall girl.

With short pink hair.


Snake bites.

An eye brow piercing.

Only wears skinny jeans and band tees.

I wonder who?

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