How To Annoy Harry Potter

A huge list of ways to annoy the staff and students at hogwarts

'Mischief Managed'
By Fred and George Weasley


1. How to Annoy: Snape!

How to annoy: Snape!


1. When handling potentially lethal ingredients, ask Snape for some anti-depressants. 

2. Tell Snape you heard Lupin mentioning something about 'paying him a visit' during the full moon

3. Tell Snape to go snog a dementor

4. Hug him

5. Bring a jar of dirt to class

6. Ask Snape to guess what's in the jar

7. Give him a teddy bear 

8. Tell him it's off Voldemort

9. Send him love letters signed by Harry

10. Ask him if he's on his period in class


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