Sasha is the biggest Justin Bieber and One Direction fan she was goin to a 1D and JB concert till her friend called and said.......
(Read to find out )


1. OMG

OMG its finally the day I've been waiting for forever.

Oh well let me explain Hi my name is Sasha I'm the biggest Justin Bieber ,and One Direction fan and today is the day i get to see them I'm going to a One Direction and Justin Bieber Concert.

Ok I am sorry i didn't explain much about me well I'm 17 year old my name is Sasha as I told you before i live in Australia with my parents i have two best friends that help me in life a lot and without them i probably wouldn't be able to even talk to guys.I have long blonde hair hazel eyes,I am tall , and I am skinny not extremely skinny.oh almost forgot to tell you what my BFFS look like or even there named haha well myself, Anna , and Lisa have been BFFS since year 1 and here we are in year eleven still BFFS which is pretty something to be happy and proud of.

A\N hi there please tell me what you think of this book till now

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